$48,000 DIY Camper Van Conversion Tour

by Simplify

Tory Delury is a popular vanlife influencer, and today we get a sneak peek into her unique and vibrant van home. Tory resides in a Ram ProMaster van, that she has personalized according to her needs as a solo female traveler, as well as her passions.

Let's dive into the details of Tory's $48,000 DIY camper van conversion with this tour by New Jersey Outdoor Adventures.

Tory's van life adventure started with a cross-country trip in her Honda Accord. Tory shares that this was a life-changing experience, and she decided to do vanlife full-time, which led her to upgrade to her current van. She now mainly lives in urban areas on the East Coast and pursues a career as an actress.

Tory’s entire van interior is pink and Taylor Swift inspired. The front section of the van features basic storage compartments, a unique curtain adorned with stars (allowing for discreet people-watching), and DIY window covers. The van's walls house her collection of memorabilia from various locations she has visited, such as music festivals and national parks.

Living and traveling in a van

Tory shares that she finds a bathroom with a shower unnecessary, as she uses these facilities at Walmart or Planet Fitness. Therefore, she used the extra space for a closet, which stores her clothes as well as craft supplies.

The skylight, located in the back corner, offers a favorite spot for Tory to stargaze and find solace during her travels, as she often does not feel free to leave the van alone.

DIY camper van conversion

Tory has converted a camper van into a cozy and personalized space, and the van has undoubtedly transformed her life, providing her with a lot of freedom, independence, and flexibility.

Her plans for the future include getting a new van, moving to the West Coast, and developing in the field of vanlife content creation.

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  • Tailwagger88 Tailwagger88 on Aug 03, 2023

    So what does she do for a bathroom in the middle of the night??

    • Jeanne dubow Jeanne dubow on Dec 13, 2023

      Yeah, silly and does she have a car alarm to scare off thieves from breaking in and stealing the van when she’s in a Walmart bathroom. Dangerous idea for a young woman to do this.