How to Find Your RV Community: Tips, Tricks & Recommendations

by Five2Go

Hey, guys. Brian and Erin here from five to go. We spent the last couple of months traveling around with a whole bunch of people and making new friends, so we wanted to share why we think this is the best way to find your RV community.

Today we are going to compare our last RV road trip to the one we did this summer. We will look at how we set it all up, where we traveled, and share some tips on how you can find your own traveling communities.

Are you guys ready? Here we go!

Taking an RV trip alone

Our first trip around the country was 18 months. We did 48 states, and we met a ton of people. The problem was there was not a single time that we saw the same people at two different campgrounds. We never got to travel to a campground with anyone else and it became quite lonely.

Meeting people on an RV trip

All of that inspired us to travel a little bit differently this time and to focus on meeting other people rather than focusing on the places we wanted to go. 

Sharing the RV itinerary

1. Share your itinerary

There were a few places that we missed on our last trip that we still wanted to visit. We started by setting up a page on our website where we mapped out our entire route. It showed all our planned stops with dates, events we were doing, and if those required tickets.

We shared that with all of our subscribers and there ended up being 14 other families that joined us, it was awesome.  

Creating an RV community

2. Be open to meeting different kinds of people

My favorite memories from this summer are definitely the things we did with other people.

An example would be the day we had to stop so we could avoid a massive storm. We all sat around, hang out, ate lunch, and watched the weather channel on our rig. These moments were about community, building relationships, and having experiences with others.

We had families with kids, couples without kids, grandparents with their grandchildren... it was a diverse bunch of people and really made the experience special.

The benefits of RV communities

3. Safety & security

One of my absolute favorite things about the way that this summer came together was traveling from campground to campground with other people.

If you encounter things on the road, whether it's traffic, an accident, or something exciting that happens, you can share that. Luckily, none of us had any problems but if we had had an issue, we had the safety and security of people we knew.

We also had a couple of nights in Walmart parking lots. If you're the only people there, it can feel a little sketchy but when you roll in with other families and set up your own little bubble, it just seems safer and a lot more fun.

4. Traveling with kids

If you are traveling with kids, it’s always nice for them to have friends to play with when you stop. You could be traveling for hours at a time and the kids get annoyed and might fight with each other.

When there are other children to play with it gives siblings time to separate and have fun with others. My daughter even rode with one of the families we were traveling with which was great.

How to find your RV community

How to find your RV community

There are many ways to find the best RV communities for you:

  • Follow people on social media that open their travels up to their community.
  • Follow groups on Facebook that focus on traveling with others around the country, such as Fulltime Families, which is mostly full-time travelers that have families with offshoots for homeschooling or Youtube content creators.
  • There's the Escapees RV group which has convergences or rallies that you can go to. There's a subgroup called Xscapers for RVers who work.
  • When you buy your RV, find out if there are any planned events. The manufacturers organize a lot of get-togethers and rallies.
  • The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is another group that is purely about community. They have a magazine, organize rallies, and have sponsored events.

Hope this gave you some inspiration and tips for your next road trip and how to find your RV community. If you have any ideas, tips, or any other communities that you think are great, let us know in the comments below.

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