Her Artistic Van Home Even Features Paintings & a Piano Keyboard

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Sara’s incredible van home allows her to travel while continuing to work and pursue her artistic passions.

As someone who grew up wearing second-hand items, it was important to Sara that she bought a fancy van when she finally purchased a home of her own. She chose the Sprinter because it is the “Taj Mahal” of vans, and so far, it has lived up to her expectations.

Sara's van home even features a keyboard

Sara appeared in a van makeover TV show, so she had professionals work on her van conversion. She told them her non-negotiables and signed off on the design, but they did most of the design and build work themselves.

On the one hand, this means that the van got built out pretty quickly, but on the other, it means that she had to work with whatever supplies were at hand or could be easily purchased. She didn’t have the luxury of waiting a few months for the perfect tiles. The build cost her $30,000 and the show put in an additional $15,000, for a total of $45,000.

The most unique feature of the van is its fold-out keyboard, which is tucked away under the bed when not in use. There is also a fold-out desk that gets tucked in under the bed as well. In addition to space for her keyboard, the van also has storage space for Sara’s paintings in the back doors.

Because she uses an outdoor shower, she is really careful to put towels around the paintings when she showers, to protect them from water damage. But Sara loves showering outdoors and listening to the sounds of nature while she’s showering.

The van’s exterior is blue, symbolizing Sara’s old life when she lived in homes with blue decor. The inside is green, symbolizing her new beginning in van life, which is part of her larger quest for fulfillment and emotional tranquility. Sara teaches psychology and feels that by living in her van, she is modeling for her students what it means to be your authentic self.

Van home

With her luxurious van home that includes space for her piano and art supplies to allow her to pursue her passions, Sara is driving her van on a journey to happiness.

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