Why This Retiree is Living on the Road in a DIY Camper Van

by Simplify

Meet Serge, a retiree who wanted to live on the road and have fun and freedom after a life dedicated to working as an entrepreneur and company owner. Since moving into his DIY camper van over a decade ago, he’s done some amazing and creative things, like joining a traveling musical show.

His rig features a large kitchen with tons of upper and lower cabinets, a stove/oven combo, a mini-fridge, a dinette, and a fixed bed with storage. Here’s a tour of Serge’s self-built camper van.

Inside, the van is outfitted with furniture that looks like anything you’d see in a traditional home, wood and all. Serge bought a desk that he transformed into a kitchen counter complete with cabinets, utensil drawers, and a bar sink. It sits right next to a good-sized stove with an oven.

He even installed a metal backsplash in his kitchen plus a 5.8-cubic-foot refrigerator.

He’s able to store everything he needs, including his drum, golf clubs, and more items that are secured on custom shelving. Serge has an office set up under his window, which includes a small table to work. Right under the seat of his office is his dry toilet, which is covered by a cushion.

DIY camper van

Serge’s bed is important to him so he set it up to be most comfortable with a thick mattress and comforter. There are plenty of storage drawers, plus a heater, built-in under the bed.

Serge believes he will live out his life in his van, that’s how much he loves retirement in a camper van. He feels better when he travels. When Serge does go back home, he says he sees friends who don’t do much.

DIY camper van

Though he doesn’t think everyone needs to travel when retired, Serge does believe that you need to do something you love and have passion for. Let us know in the comments if you’re thinking of a DIY camper van for your retirement and why!

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