They're Spending Their Retirement in a DIY Overland Camper Trailer

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Whether you’ve ever thought about it or not, Overlander vehicles are a clever way to live in a tiny house on wheels that you can move just about anywhere.

Over the mountains, through the woods, or parked on the beach at sunset, the best Overlanding vehicles make any location feel like home. And that’s why Phil and Lynn built their own DIY Overlander camper trailer years ago and then hit the road.

Living on the road

To say that Phil and Lynn have seen much of the world since customizing their DIY Overlander trailer would be a vast understatement. To date, they have already toured all over Europe, through Canada, and visited many states in the US. And what better way to spend their retirement?

Slowly heading toward Mexico, this couple is loving life in their DIY Overlander, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

According to Phil, they never won the lottery or had a huge cash cushion to fall back on. But, by managing their finances wisely, their dream of seeing the world came to fruition. And, most importantly, anyone can do it.

Phil also points out how simple this particular vehicle is to repair. So whether they are driving through Asia or Africa next, they will be able to find replacement parts and even mechanics to get them back on the road if need be.

As a well-balanced vehicle with a great engine, Phil says it can be tricky to drive up steep hills, but it drives very well on most terrains.

DIY overland camper trailer

Inside their DIY Overland camper trailer, they have plenty of space for a queen-sized bed, windows with mosquito nets, and max fans in the bedroom as well as a cozy seating area with bench seating, a table, and a skylight. And their kitchen, bath, and cabin areas round out their home.

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