Adorable Nomad Van Tiny Home Tour

by Simplify

After years of being a full-time caretaker for her mom, Patty decided that it was finally time to do something special for herself.

Wanting to enjoy her newly-found free time and her own good health, she decided to sell her condo and join many others around the country living that nomad van life.

Ultimately, Patty realized early on that living in a van didn’t have to mean giving up the comfort, coziness, or decor she had grown accustomed to in her condo.

So, she outfitted her new home, which she refers to as The Beach House, with all the amenities she needed and wanted along with a cute beachy theme that she incorporated throughout to bring some peace and joy to her space.

For Patty, living a nomad life means chopping ingredients on butcher block countertops, washing dishes in a large farmhouse sink, and grabbing a cold drink from her Berkey water filter.

And, when she wants to grab something out of the small hidden refrigerator, she simply lifts the countertop and accesses the box refrigerator underneath.


But living the van life isn’t just about working in the kitchen. When it’s time to take a quick shower, Patty moves a bench seat out of the way and hangs a shower curtain from hooks on the wall.

It’s a tight squeeze for sure, so Patty says that if she could change just one thing about her nomad van, she would give herself more space to bathe.

Under the other seating area is a portable toilet and a pull out table to create some office space as needed.

Other notable features in Patty’s nomad van include a large loft bed, built-in storage, a closet, fan, vents, and a TV. She can also open up the back doors and enjoy the natural view outside.

Nomad van

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  • Nancy Roy Nancy Roy on Apr 03, 2023

    When taking a shower, where does the water go? Is there a floor drain? I assume she hooks up a sprayer and holds it while rinsing off?

    • Millie Millie on Apr 10, 2023

      There must be a holding tank that collects used water. Our camper used to have one and there are facilities at campgrounds and specific places that you hook up to and empty and flush it out.

  • Ginger Ginger on Apr 10, 2023

    I love it… I think this will also be my style too. Tired of this mortgage… A house that is heavy on my shoulders, the cleaning routines, taxes, insurance premiums to the roof, electricity, water… and more, not to mention neighborhood crumbling daily….. SICK OF ALL…

    • Marilyn Marilyn on Apr 24, 2023

      I'm living in my 30 ft ole camper named Beachy. It's still a work in progress but it's the cheapest I've ever lived. Same scenario except my 1800sq home the over head was just too much on my fixed income, was destroyed in 🌀Julia and Matthew and I still haven't received my award. It wasn't ready to be living in but it keeps me n my service dog Shadow and my 2 20 year old cat's. Sometimes it's hard. But I'm lucky I was already remodeling it!! ✌️