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As a mother of eighteen children, twelve of whom still lived at home, Jennifer and her husband realized just how much stuff they owned and how organizing was never going to be the right solution for their family.

So it was then that they decided to pare down, rid themselves of all the excess, and turn a renovated RV into their new home.

For Jennifer and her crew, the RV lifestyle naturally centers around the kitchen—where a week’s worth of groceries from Costco can easily fit in the refrigerator.

Combined with the four-burner stove, a convection microwave, butcher block counters, and a large stainless steel sink, preparing food for so many people is actually quite easy.

Getting plenty of advice and RV renovation ideas from others worked out quite well for this large family too.

Jennifer says she has learned over time to cook in the mornings so that the summertime heat doesn’t mix with the heat that radiates out from the oven.

Plus, they use a large cutting board to add prep space in the kitchen over the sink or stovetop as needed.

In general, Jennifer says that renovating an RV takes some time and thought. Even with the best ideas in mind, you still end up playing a bit of Tetris—as you constantly find yourself moving things around in order to make additional space.

Of course, you figure things out over time and make changes to your routine so this doesn’t happen quite as often.

Lastly, Jennifer says that the storage space in the renovated RV’s kitchen, which is used for organizing seasonings, drink mixes, and supplements has been life-saving.

So too is the second hand leather couch they found on Craig’s List, the coffee cup hanging rack, and the dining and office space, which is also used for gaming and running Jennifer’s doula business and blog.

Renovated RV tour

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  • Susan Susan on Apr 11, 2023

    I love living in my RV!! I’ve been living in one for 17 years and, yes I’m in a permanent spot within a campground. I’ve renovated the 5th wheel many times and lately removed the couch and put in recliners. Best part is my son hates it which keeps him from living with/off of me.


      This made me laugh out loud as I’m living in an RV in a park in Florida which does much the same 🌻👍

  • Millie Millie on Sep 15, 2023

    Eighteen children, twelve living with you. So there are fourteen people living in an RV. What kind of dumping facilities are near? I would think using the bathroom alone for that many people would fill the waste tank up in one day. This doesn’t appeal to me at all.