Take a Tour of This Cool & Creative DIY School Bus Camper

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DJ is a tattoo artist and a spontaneous person who loves life on the road. Recently, she traded her truck in for a school bus turned into a home. Even though it’s still a work in progress, DJ gives Patrick, from New Jersey Outdoor Adventures, a tour of her school bus camper.

DJ explains that she specifically chose a short bus for her school bus home. Even though it's smaller, it’s much easier to move and to park. It actually fits in a regular parking spot.

Yellow school bus

In the middle of the bus is DJ’s kitchen. There is an oven that doubles as an air fryer, and a burner. DJ put cubbies high up on the wall for small kitchen items and larger cabinets for bigger items.

She customized her sink to be a deep sink. DJ’s refrigerator is also a custom, red-colored, retro design. That’s because she specifically wanted a fridge and freezer that had separate doors to save energy.

The bathroom is under construction, but DJ showed off her composting toilet and her nautilus retractable door, intended to stop mold from accumulating near the shower.

DJ DIYed her school bus camper ceiling, retro style. She stained and polyurethaned wooden planks and lined them up on the bus ceiling. There was a space where the boards didn’t line up correctly, and there was a small gap. DJ plans to cover up the mistake by featuring moths and crystals in the space.

DJ’s main cabinet was salvaged from Habitat for Humanity and upcycled by DJ. It features a pull-down desk space and cabinets above to store her artistic items. Next to it is a space that will become a coffee and tea setup.

In the bedroom, DJ eventually plans to cut the bed slightly down to size, so she can open the back door. But in the meantime, she opens the back door from the outside and uses the under-bed space as a “garage” for her water tank, solar setup, and other gear.

School bus camper

There are all sorts of ways to live, and this school bus camper is one of the most unique and creative. Would you live in a school bus turned into a home? Let us know in the comments.

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