Paint Your Ugly RV Fridge With Chalkboard Paint

by DeeDee
So recently we got a "new to us" camper and the door on the fridge was damaged and looked ugly! I fixed it though...with chalkboard paint! Visit our blog to see what steps I took to a non-ugly fridge door!
Our fun new chalkboard fridge! We are now Happy Campers!
The before! Ugly!
Cover your paint tray with foil for a easy and fast clean up!
The After, but before the art!
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  • Cheryl Knight Cheryl Knight on Jul 26, 2023

    Thanks for sharing! Great idea! Did my kitchen walls but never thought of frig… chalkboard paint needs no primer, that’s the beauty of using that paint! Have fun traveling!

  • Bre4725794 Bre4725794 on Oct 11, 2023

    Wonder, is it easy to clean any greasy smudge marks or finger prints off it ?