Extreme Budget Grocery Challenge: How to Eat For $1 a Day

by Simplify

Tired of watching the prices rise at your local grocery store and your food budget getting blown every month? The content creator behind Flourishing Miranda is here to help. She’s put together a week’s worth of meal planning for two adults on just $1 a day.

Wanting to get ahead and eventually live debt-free, Miranda is on a mission to cut costs while still maintaining a good quality of life for her and her husband. One of the ways she does this is by completing extreme grocery challenges from time to time. And today, you get to reap all the rewards of her hard work.

During this challenge, Miranda shows us how to meal prep breakfast tacos from scratch. Using a simple bread recipe, she makes homemade tortillas that taste just like naan bread, sautes up some zucchini, roasts a couple of potatoes, cooks some lentils with a tomato base in her InstaPot, and opens a can of black beans.

She then assembles the meal, placing each item in separate compartments of her plastic containers so they can take them to work each day.

Miranda then goes on to bake two loaves of bread in her oven and cook up a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce and fettuccine noodles—which she then serves together. She also shows us how to make lentil sloppy joes for another cheap meal idea at a later date.

Baking bread

The leftovers from each of these meals are then divided among the two of them for future lunches at work.

Extreme budget grocery challenge

It just goes to show that extreme budget grocery challenges can be very fruitful indeed. By meal planning ahead of time and watching those sales, anyone can feed their family for $1 a day and still enjoy the food on their plates. Moreover, it is entirely possible to do this while following a plant-based diet.

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