3 One-Skillet Canned Chicken Recipes Made With Dollar Tree Ingredients

Rachel | Rachel Resets
by Rachel | Rachel Resets

Today I’m going to show you some canned chicken recipes. We're going to be making three easy skillet meals. I started by picking up some ingredients at my local Dollar Tree, and I’m using all Dollar Tree ingredients. I picked up the last two cans of chicken and one can of chicken and rice soup.

Ingredients for the Chicken Alfredo gnocchi

1. Chicken Alfredo gnocchi

For this recipe you're going to need one can of chicken, one can of peas, one pack of potato gnocchi and one can of Prego Alfredo sauce. You can also add some shredded parmesan if you like.

a) Drain the broth

I drained the chicken broth and put it aside for later to use in soup later. I put my drained can of chicken into the pan and stirred it around until it started to brown a little.

Cooking the canned chicken with gnocchi

b) Cook the gnocchi

I added in my pack of gnocchi and stirred that as well until it started to get a little bit of color. I like to pan-fry first just to get that added color into a dish. When my chicken and gnocchi started to get a little bit of color I added in a cup of water. This will help the gnocchi cook all the way through.

Adding the sauce to the gnocchi

c) Add the sauce

Then I added in my can of Prego. You can use any Alfredo sauce or even make one from scratch if you have those ingredients, but I wanted to keep this really simple.

I drained the can of peas and added that in. I also sprinkled in a little bit of pepper. You could add some salt if you want, but I felt like it was salty enough.

Chicken Alfredo gnocchi

This is our finished dish. I added some grated Parmesan on top. I had leftovers from this dish. The next day at work, I found it reheated well. The gnocchi had soaked up a lot of the flavor, and it tasted really good the second day as well.

Ingredients for the chicken stuffing

2. Chicken stuffing

For this recipe, you're going to need one box of chicken stuffing and your can of chicken with rice. If you have a can of plain chicken you could add that in with the can of soup. Then cut your green beans. I like to let mine thaw in the fridge. I feel like that gives them a more vibrant color.

Cooking the canned chicken with soup

a) Cook the chicken & soup

I added the can of chicken and soup into my pan, and I refilled the whole can with water and added that to the pan as well. I let it come to a simmer.

b) Add the stuffing

Then I took about a fourth of a cup of stuffing mix in a separate container and crushed it slightly so that we could have a crumb-coating topping for the dish.

c) Add the green beans

I added in my green beans with their vibrant green color. I really appreciate the fact that I can have some vibrancy even when I'm getting vegetables from the dollar tree.

Mixing in the stuffing mix

d) Add more water

Then I added the rest of the stuffing and stirred it around. The stuffing will soak up all the different liquids in this dish and thicken up. If you want it even thicker, then you are going to want to put in less than a can of water. Try about half a can of water instead.

e) Top with breadcrumbs

I plated things up once they had reached my desired thickness and the green beans had gotten tender. Then I added a little bit of the crushed-up breadcrumbs from the stuffing mix and put that on top.

Chicken stuffing

Here's our finished meal. It's well-rounded. It's got chicken, green beans, and stuffing. What's not to love? It is really delicious.

Ingredients for the cheesy chicken potato

3. Cheesy chicken potato

For the recipe, we’re going to use the California blend package of mixed vegetables. For potatoes, we’re using these straight-cut French fries. If you look at the ingredients you can see there's pretty much only potato in these French fries. You can cut those up and use them in place of potatoes. I also used a can of chicken and a can of nacho cheese sauce. 

In retrospect, I wish I had used Velveeta instead of the can of cheese. I think that would have worked better and tasted a lot better. The canned cheese had more of an artificial flavor.

Slicing the fries

a) Slice up the fries

I went ahead and sliced up my fries and got a ton of cubed potatoes from those French fries. Who would have thought Dollar Tree has potatoes?

b) Cook the potatoes

I took about a tablespoon of margarine and melted it in my pan because I wanted to crisp up the potatoes and get a little bit of color. I added my potatoes into my hot pan and stirred them around until I saw that they started getting a little bit of color on them.

Cooking the vegetables

c) Add the veggies & cheese sauce

I then added to the drained and rinsed chicken and my bag of veggies. I saw that a lot of the carrots and veggies were a little bit large, so I used my kitchen shears, which are my favorite kitchen appliance or kitchen tool, and cut everything up a little bit smaller. Then I added in my nacho cheese sauce.

Adding the canned cheese

The canned cheese was pretty thin. That's the only part of the dish I wasn’t so pleased with. I recommend using Velveeta instead to add a little bit more saltiness and a richer flavor. The canned cheese is a little bit watered down. 

Canned chicken recipes

Other than the cheese, I felt like it was pretty spot on. I also added some pepper, and then I tasted it. I didn't feel like it needed any salt, so I did not add any. I went ahead and plated everything up and it was very delicious.

Canned chicken recipes

I hope this has given you some inspiration to try some affordable and easy canned chicken recipes. It’s great to be able to make a well-balanced and delicious meal for such great prices.

Did you give any of these recipes a try at home? Leave me a comment and let me know how it came out.

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