7 Delicious Dinner Ideas for the Whole Family

We have got another seven days of dinner ideas for family meals. This is where I share all our meals this past week.

My What's for Dinner series is motivation and inspiration to cook more for your family at home or find new meal ideas.

Steak and chicken fajitas

1. Steak and chicken fajitas

We are starting this week of what's for dinner with some steak and chicken fajitas.

Now Luke was getting the steak and chicken together. He is seasoning up the chicken with some of the Baja Chipotle marinade. He picked up some skirt steak and prepared it by pouring some olive oil on it. Then, he seasoned it with some Kinder's red garlic and gave it a really good coating.

He's going to let those marinate in the fridge for a few hours.

Now that it's time to get dinner going, I will cook some salsa minute rice. You only need a minute of rice, water, chicken bouillon, and your favorite salsa. If you don't have the chicken bouillon powder, you can use chicken broth to replace the powder and the water. Then you're just going to microwave it according to package directions.

We're also going to do some peppers and onions, of course, to go along with the fajitas. I always cook my peppers first just because they like them a little bit more cooked down, and then we'll do some Mexican street corn salad on the other side.

I take a couple of cans of corn, drain it, and then put it in the pan with a little bit of butter. Add some seasonings like salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and then you're just going to heat that through. It's not going to take long because there's no liquid in there.

Once you get it heated through, you're going to add some mayonnaise, a little bit at a time, until you get the consistency you want. It will be nice and creamy, and you won't get a strong mayonnaise flavor.

You're going to mix that, and then I'm going to add in some parmesan cheese, and then I'm also going to add in some chili powder, and I give that a mix, and we'll serve it up on our plates with everything else.

So Luke is cutting up the steaks and getting everything together. We have got our Mexican street corn salad. We've got our salsa minute rice. We have our peppers and onions and the chicken and the steak.

We have our favorite salsa and some chips to go along with it. Then, we also had some lettuce and cheese. We have some Taco Bell sauce, Parmesan chili powder mixture, shells, and sour cream.

Pesto chicken

2. Pesto chicken

Next up, we did pesto chicken.

Pesto chicken is one of our favorites. I will be sharing this recipe in another video.

Smothered pork tenderloins

3. Smothered pork tenderloins

I made some smothered pork tenderloins in the crockpot, which were delicious. I will also be sharing that recipe in another video,

To go along, we made some sweet peas, crescent rolls, and a stick of butter rice.

Hamburger helper

4. Hamburger helper

I wanted hamburger helpers, so that's what we did. I just got it out of the pantry, Put it together according to package directions, and it was so good. There's nothing wrong with box dinners as long as your family is fed. That is all that matters.

To go along with that. I made some cream-style corn for myself. I mix one can of cream style with two cans of drained regular-style corn. It thickens it up a bit more, and I always add butter and sugar to my corn.

Italian beef subs and zucchini fritters

5. Italian beef subs and zucchini fritters

Thursday night, we had Italian beef subs, and to go along with that we made zucchini fritters.

For the zucchini fritters, I have about three cups of shredded zucchini, and I squeezed the juice out. I'm going to add in a couple of eggs. I'm going to add in a little bit of flour.

Now, there is a lot of moisture in the zucchini. So, if it is still not sticking together, add more flour. I'm also going to add in some shredded Parmesan cheese.

And then I just seasoned it with some of Mr. Stick's garlic and herb seasoning, as well as some salt and pepper. But you season with your heart, which you know your family will enjoy.

So I'm just going to mix all that, and then I will get a pan on the stove with some oil in it and get them cooking up. Fry them until they are browned on both sides.

I just sprinkled them with a little bit of salt as they came out, and they were delicious.

Ribeye steaks
Smoked bologna

6. Ribeye steaks and smoked bologna

Luke gave his dad a Father's Day present on Friday night: cooking dinner and a good old steak. So he has got some ribeye steaks there. He has just seasoned them with some Campfire seasoning, and then, to go along with it, I'm going to make some biscuits. These are just the frozen biscuits that we keep on hand.

I will also do some cheesy broccoli with some broccoli and cheese sauce. I also made some baked beans. Now, I just took a can and doctored it up with some extra brown sugar, seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and mustard. I add it and taste it until I think it tastes good.

We also smoked some bologna to go along with the meal.


7. Catfish

Last but not least, we had some catfish. We ate out that night. We went to the next county and this county fair and stopped at a local catfish place that has been around for years. It is the best catfish in town.

Dinner ideas for the whole family

That wraps up this week's dinner ideas for family meals. I hope you enjoyed these super easy and delicious weeknight dinners. Which dinner was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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