25 Easy Things to Paint You Haven't Thought Of

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As homeowners, the typical uses for paint that come to mind may be, painting a room, touching up walls or doors, maybe even painting the exterior of your home.

Clearly, a simple change in paint color can transform a room. As avid DIYers we love using paint. Without a doubt, it’s the most cost effective way to change any space in your home.

But have you ever thought about what other items you could paint around your home? You’ll be surprised by this list of things you didn’t know you could paint.

Be sure to watch the video to see what many of these items looked like before!

How to paint a rug

Paint a Rug for a Quick Refresh

Have you ever thought of giving your rug a quick refresh with paint?

In fact, I stumbled upon this idea after this rug started looking a bit old and faded. Despite the fact that it wasn’t old at all. Clearly, I wasn’t about to throw it out just yet. You too can learn how to paint a rug to give it a quick refresh, or create your own designer look at a fraction of the cost!

Brass to faux wood finish chandelier

Update a Light Fixture

Trying to find affordable light fixtures on a budget can be challenging. With this in mind, why not use the lights you already have and transform them with a little paint!

No doubt, this light fixture was screaming for a makeover with its shiny brass finish! See how we used paint to create this unique wood finish giving this fixture a much needed update.

Decorate pillows with paint

Decorate a Pillow with Paint

New throw pillows can brighten and freshen up any room. Not only are there many different ways to create your own custom pillows, but have you ever considered creating them with paint?

In addition custom throw pillow covers are not only cost effective, but also easy to make.

Plus you’ll want to learn how we made these for FREE.

Painted curtains

Create Custom Curtains

Painted curtains? Yep! Undoubtedly we’re crazy enough to create our own custom curtain panels with paint. To see what prompted me to paint my own curtains, watch our video or visit the complete tutorial on how we painted these cheery yellow curtains!

In addition you can also learn how we made these Fail 2 Fab IKEA Curtains with this hack.

But seriously, would you have ever thought to paint your own curtains?

Although, this does require some time, and perhaps some patience, painting curtains can truly result in unique panels that reflect your personality.

Cardboard frames made with paint

Customize Picture Frames

Certainly, applying paint can quickly transform a picture frame from a dated to modern look with minimal time and cost.

Did you know you can even make your own picture frames out of cardboard?

Yes, you read that right. This entire gallery wall was created using discarded pieces of cardboard and paint!

In fact, creating this gallery wall, featuring some of our kids favorite artwork, cost absolutely nothing! In my opinion, it’s the perfect fit for creative and colorful art.

Learn how to create your own unique cardboard picture frames with our tutorial.

Faux concrete finish with paint

Paint a Pot with a Faux Concrete Finish

Of course, as spring weather approaches, the variety of fresh flowers in the garden center call out to us. It’s a way for us to close the door on winter and welcome warmer weather.

Although, these plants in all their variety and colors are beautiful, the cheap plastic pot they come with is not!

Learn how you can transform any plastic pot with paint using our technique to create this faux concrete finish.

Painted bathroom vanity

Update a Bathroom Vanity

Perhaps, your bathroom is in need of an update. However, you don’t have the time or money for a complete renovation. Why not paint the vanity as an inexpensive alternative?

It always amazes me what a little paint can do. Clearly, this vanity is unrecognizable from its original state! See more ideas in this inexpensive master bathroom makeover.

Faux stone look with paint

Coffee filter flowers made with paint

Painted Home Decor

Whether you have dated decor you’re not ready to part with, or want to create your own home decor, each of these three items are easily updated with paint.

For example, learn how to create your own tiered tray for only $5 using thrifted plates and paint. Or learn how to make these artificial flowers with coffee filters and paint.

Perhaps, you may want to learn how to transform dated ceramic decor into this modern stone look with this technique.

Painted napkin rings

Make Your Own Napkin Rings

As DIY’ers, we’re always drawn to making things that are unique and budget-friendly. This DIY napkin ring is no different! Learn how you can create one of a kind napkin rings for just $2! They’re sure to be a highlight to any party you host.

Painted interior doors

Transform Interior Doors with Paint

Chances are you’ve touched up interior doors, or repainted them with the original paint color. Have you ever thought about changing the look of your home with the color of your interior doors? In fact, this high end look can be achieved with minimal cost.

Painted railing

How To Paint A Railing That Will Last

Overall, updating a railing or other wood work throughout your home can dramatically change the look and feel in the space. This was the case in my parents new home.

Clearly, it was stuck in the 90’s with an abundance of yellow maple cabinetry and wood work.

For instance, updating the railing with paint and stain ultimately resulted in bringing this home into the current century! Learn how you too can paint a railing that will last.

Chalk paint farmhouse coffee table makeover

Refinish Furniture

Undoubtedly you have heard of painting furniture before. Nonetheless, we had to include this in our list of ideas because we have a passion for refinishing old discarded pieces!

Even though we’re avid DIYers and refinish furniture frequently, it never ceases to amaze me what a little paint can do to freshen up a piece of furniture.

Whether thrifted or family heirlooms, it’s rewarding to witness the change as each piece comes to life.

For example this drab lateral filing cabinet was turned into a fun tool chest dresser.

In addition, this trash to treasure table was transformed into a modern farmhouse coffee table.

Another amazing transformation with chalk paint is this china cabinet. Black paint definitely modernized this furniture piece.

Painted dresser

Clearly paint can truly transform any shabby piece of furniture into something truly chic such as this Vintage dresser refresh.

Paint a dining table

Dining room table restoration.

Updated bedroom set.

Painted piano

Amazing before and after heirloom piano makeover.

Saltwash paint additive

Updated console table with a weathered and worn finish.

Thrift store desk makeover.

Sentimental Bombay dresser.

Have you been inspired to update items around your home with paint?

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  • Laine Laine on Nov 13, 2022

    I have painted door handles,I also spray painted some dried flowers -Allium one time and they turned out beautiful and have lasted several years

  • Lorrie Lorrie on Dec 04, 2022

    You can also use your tiny brushes to repaint canvas wall paintings. If you inherited an old canvas painted picture you like but cannot stand the colors, simply change areas of the canvas with the colors you desire for your decor. Ie switch out yellow flowers for poppy red. Or add some teal to a blue sky.