9 Fun and Cheap Things to Do With Kids

by TwoKidsandaCoupon

Looking for some cheap things to do with kids that won’t break your budget? Here are some fun activities that you can do together that will mean a lot without costing a lot of cash.

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Spending time together with your kids doesn’t have to be expensive. My family started Two Kids and a Coupon as a way to share frugal tips and and family time can be more affordable than you think. You don’t have to spend lots of money to have

quality time together. All you have to do is spend that time –together.

Today we’re sharing some fun and affordable things you can do with your kids even if you don’t have much of a budget.

Cheap Things to do With Kids

1. Play Together

While playing dolls or digging in the dirt for worms may not be your top idea of a good time, your kids love it and would be thrilled if you joined them. Just a few minutes of joining them to play on their level can mean a lot more than you think. The time will come where you have more interests in common and you can explore those interests together. In the meantime, cherish the countless tea parties and hide-and-go-seek that you have with them because it won’t last long.

Need ideas for playtime together? Break out the craft bucket and get creative with fun craft ideas for kids or grab a cardboard box and turn it into an adventure with these fun cardboard box play ideas.

2. Go on New Adventures Together

Being there for as many “first-time” experiences with your child is a wonderful thing for parents to be a part of. Whether it’s their first beach trip, picnic, hike, concert, professional sporting event, or camping trip, it doesn’t matter what it is. Your adventure can even be free! Go to the park, visit a zoo with free admission, or even explore your own hometown.

Being a part of each of those memories will allow them to look back on you fondly and remember that you were always there. So, don’t allow those moments to always happen while you’re away at work. Take the initiative and go on many new adventures with your children.

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3. Dance with Them

When finding things to do with kids, you can get moving and have a great time too! Do you have a daughter or son that loves to dance? Maybe they don’t even know that they love to do it yet! How about turning on some music for them and start dancing around the living room together? You can also take a Bluetooth speaker outdoors and move your dance party outside. But be warned, your children will probably have so much fun they will probably ask you to do this several days in a row.

4. One on One Time

Every opportunity that you get, try to spend some one-on-one time with each of your children. Go on “dates” with your children for time alone together. Even if it is just once a month, those date moments will be something that your children never forget. And if you happen to have several kiddos, you may have to pencil those dates in on the calendar, so that their special time isn’t passed up or forgotten. Be sure to check out our fun mommy son dates and daddy daughter date ideas.

5. Help Them with Homework

Is your child struggling with math or another subject? Maybe you have a homework tool or suggestion that might help them understand the subject better? Don’t feel like you have to give them the answer because that won’t help them any. But spending time and helping your child with their schoolwork shows them what is going on in their life is important to you and that their success is something else that matters to you.

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6. Enjoy a Meal as a Family

Did you know that according to a study done by Harvard, that having regular family dinners can help kids by lowering their depression and anxiety? It also reduces the likelihood of substance abuse, eating disorders, tobacco use, and early teenage pregnancy. Kids who eat with their families regularly also have higher rates of resilience and higher self esteem.

One of our favorite things to do with kids is eating as a family. You may not think much of it, but sitting down around the dinner table as a family is a wonderful way to create family unity and also a great opportunity for you to find out more about your children’s day. Even if you can’t do it every night due to co-parenting with other parents, or busy schedules, take time to eat together as often as you can. Need easy and kid-friendly meal ideas? Be sure to visit our food tab here.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Act Silly

Acting silly around your younger children is a language that they can relate to. It shows them just how fun their parents can be and that you are not afraid of what others think of you. And why should you? Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone for this one because it’s something you’ll never regret.

8. Listen to Them

Have you ever been busy with something and found yourself brushing your child off or completely ignoring what they were saying? We’ve all done it. But when your child sees that you’re busy and are still willing to take time to listen to them and their needs or concerns, it builds a strong trust between the two of you. You’re also showing that you care and just how much they mean to you. So the next time you find yourself wrapped up in a situation and your child approaches you, do your best to listen.

9. Read Before Bedtime

One of the best things that you could do with them before bedtime is read a bedtime story. And make sure that you use funny and ridiculous voices for each of the characters. Reading to them teaches your child the importance of reading and may even help them learn to read faster. It’s a time that may allow them to open up and they will share with you thoughts or questions they may have.

Have bigger kids that can read on their own? Spend time reading your own items together. You can both enjoy your favorite books, and spend time together at the same time. After you get done reading, take time to discuss what you read together. Need some new books to read together? Don’t miss these places to get free books for kids.

These are several practical and affordable things to do with kids. Many of them you may already be doing. They only require a bit of effort and time that you set aside for them. Need more ideas to do with bigger kids? Be sure to read our 30 ways to spend time together with your teen and tween.

Have an idea that we missed? Leave a comment below!

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