Frugal Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

Today (August 21st) is a special day for us – it’s the day we first started our cross-country drive from AZ to NC last year. The day symbolized sadness as to what we’d be leaving behind, but hope for the future of our little family. Suffice to say, we love living in NC and are very happy with our decision, yet we do miss all our family and friends back in AZ dearly.

John’s birthday is August 24th and I’m so excited to celebrate my husband turning a year older! Last year, we were on Day 4 of our drive, so we didn’t do anything for his birthday. I got him a card and we went out to dinner, but we were also completely exhausted from being on the road for four days with our little ones. I think a week after his birthday I made him a cake…but that might have been the year before, I honestly can’t remember.

This year, we are doing something completely out of the ordinary for us.

We are hiring our first babysitter for the girls!

My mom and sister are the only people who have ever watched our girls, so this is a big first for us. I will admit that I prefer to be watching my girls myself, but the lady who’s watching them is actually one of the women who works at the girls’ daycare, and the girls LOVE HER (like more than me, seriously) so I know they’ll be in good hands. And it’s not even that I don’t “trust” anyone – it’s more that I don’t want to subject anyone to the life that is my little ones 😉

If it was my birthday, we would not be hiring a babysitter. Instead, we’d make dinner and watch a movie together after the girls went to bed. However, it’s John’s birthday, and he wanted to go out on a date with me (can’t say I blame him…hahaha, jk). We’ll probably spend $50 on the babysitter and $50 on dinner, but some alone time with my husband sounds perfect right now, so it’s money well spent.

However, birthdays do NOT have to cost $100. They can cost much less (and much more, of course). It really is up to you and your spouse. John and I don’t normally go “all out” for any holidays, so for birthdays it can be fun to splurge a little. For my 30th in July, we went on a boat tour and John took me shopping. It was perfect 🙂

The idea of birthdays got me thinking about frugal ways you can celebrate the man in your life. I’ve compiled a fun list of ideas to share with you all.

Frugal Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

Make him a coupon book. I’m sure you’ve seen these all over Pinterest, but coupon books are a creative gift idea for your husband (as long as you follow through with them!). Ideas for coupons include back rubs, watching a movie of his choice, cooking breakfast or dinner of his choice, giving him a “free day” to do what he wants (this is especially sweet if you have kids), taking on his chores for a week, and more. While I strongly encourage doing these types of things regularly in your marriage, it never hurts to give a little extra!

Write him a love letter. Confession: Maybe John and I are just super unromantic, but we’ve never written love letters to each other. I think what we lack in writing, we make up for in talking, though. John and I are very vocal about our wants/needs and we communicate regularly with each other. However, writing a love letter is the perfect way to express your thoughts to your husband without any distractions. Give it to him with his favorite meal and you’ve created a great, frugal gift.

Send him golfing for the day. Golfing isn’t necessarily frugal, but it doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Weekday rates are typically much cheaper than weekend ones, you can offer to gift him 9 holes instead of 18, you can look for a Groupon, or you can choose a city golf course instead of a high-end country club. If your husband is anything like mine, he won’t care where he’s golfing…he’ll just be happy he’s playing!

Bake him a dessert of his choice. Other than last year (I think…), this is a tradition in our family. Whoever’s birthday it is gets to pick a dessert of their choice for me to make. I love baking, so this is a win, win! John picked a German chocolate cake this year, but I’m thinking of making this chocolate coffee cake for him and adding shredded coconut on top. Does that cake not look incredible?!

Let him be in charge of the day. John and I used to do this before we had kids. If it was my birthday, I got to pick everything we did for that day. My day normally involved shopping, watching my favorite show at the time, and going out for dinner and drinks. John’s day normally involved going to the casino, watching his favorite movie, golfing (possibly), and going out for dinner and drinks. With kids, this idea can still work, you’ll just have to cater your plans around nap time 🙂

For John’s birthday, we’re going out to dinner tomorrow, I’ll bake him a cake on Sunday most likely, and on Monday I’ll cook him whatever he wants for dinner. I’m also getting him a wallet and a belt which I’ll let him pick out over the weekend.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your husband’s birthday? What are your frugal birthday ideas for your husband?

Sarah | The Frugal Millionaire
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  • Qia27906791 Qia27906791 on Dec 19, 2022

    This was eye opening for me. I love the simplicity of it all because it makes the moments feel extra special. Thanks for your share. Definitely worth the try. 😊

  • Paula Maher Jones Paula Maher Jones on Dec 29, 2022

    My husband would love most of all a week end get a way room reservation 45” away where we can dine , and have a birthday dessert 🍮 of his choice and a king size bed with a great view. It’s romantic 💘 and rejuvenating to both of us. And order breakfast room service or go down for a traditional southern breakfast meal with terrific coffee ☕️. It’s both of our birthday 🎂 traditions that we look forward to. Getting away from home 🏡 to a resort is so worth it.