9 Frugal Summer Activities to Enjoy Warm Weather on a Budget

Today we're going to talk about frugal satisfaction and frugal summer activities. Some people think those things don't go together. Maybe it takes a little bit of practice or a little soul-searching, but for me, they do go together.

Through this process, I've learned that I am essentially not a wasteful person. It bothers me to waste things, so I try to find ways to use up what I have. I also don't like the pressure and the anxiety of feeling like I need to earn more to make the payments on things I am responsible for.

So if I can keep those payments down and just have them be the bare essentials, I realize that that leaves all this money open for me to do what I want.

Warm weather enjoyment

I've been to Hawaii. I've been to all 50 states and taken my kids to probably 30 to 35 of those states when they were younger. I love to travel.

I love to do things that replenish my soul and refuel me to continue to live the lifestyle that I live so that I know, in the end, I am rewarded with the things I want to do without having any debt to do them.

Today I am going to talk about the different things that I enjoy with the warmer weather coming up that are frugal.

I love summer. I love warm weather. I'm in the wrong state for that, but I love it when it starts getting warmer. I have some frugal things that I can enjoy, and everything doesn't have to cost a ton of money for me to be happy. So here we go.

1. Going barefoot

I love either going barefoot or wearing flip-flops. Growing up, I ran around with no shoes so much in the summertime, and my feet would become very calloused and hard, and I could run over rocks as fast as someone could in tennis shoes.

I still hate to wear shoes even in the wintertime, and one of the main things I love about summer is being able to take off my shoes or wear flip-flops.

Going barefoot in the summer

2. Playing frisbee

That is my favorite frugal summer activity to do. I can do it with both hands equally well. That has always amazed my children because some of them never got the hang of throwing a Frisbee, and I can throw it left-handed or right.

3. Sitting outside

My husband and I also love taking our coffee outside in the summertime in the morning, sitting on our chairs, and watching the traffic go by. We love having morning picnics. If you have not had a breakfast picnic, I encourage you to do that. It is way better than a lunch picnic.

4. Walks, camping, and fishing

We love going on walks. We love camping, and I know that's not for everyone, but my husband loves fishing. I love watching him fish. One day he was down there in the water, standing in the water in his shorts, barefooted fishing, and I'm usually reading a good book while he's fishing, which I also love to do.

Reading in the garden

5. Reading

I love getting my summer reading ready to go. I always pack several books in the camper, and my husband loves to read the old Westerns from Louis Lamar, and we will just pack some of those and really enjoy our time reading, especially if it rains outside. We just pull one of those books out and start reading.

6. Hanging clothes

I love hanging clothes on the line. For some reason, I don't like taking them off the line, but I love hanging them on the line. It's so relaxing. I'm out there in the fresh air.

I'm right by my donkey in his pen, and he has a few two cents he's gonna put in every now and then when I'm hanging my clothes on the line. We call him our donkey alarm, and when people drive in the yard, he honks at them to let them know they've been seen.

7. Water park

We take a few days every summer and go to the water park. We make a whole day of going to the pool and getting a snow cone. We go and sit by the pool; we get in the pool, invite friends, and all of us older people stand around in a circle and we have a wonderful conversation in the pool.

Then when we're done, we go to the snow cone trailer after that's downtown and enjoy a snow cone. These are such simple things to do, but they bring such enjoyment, and we look forward to them.

Frugal summer activities

8. Cookouts

We love having cookouts, and when I grew up, we had a lot of weenie roasts. Do you remember having weenie roasts as a child? You'd get the hot dog, put it on a stick, get a big bonfire of brush, roast your hot dog, have a picnic, and have a whole bunch of people over.

We did that sometimes for kids' birthday parties. They all enjoyed cooking their own food, and there's nothing that tastes better than a hot dog that's been roasted over a brush fire. We had the best time.

9. Gardening

I also love my flowers. I love doing some gardening even though I'm not really great at it. My dad was a fantastic gardener, but I didn't inherit his green thumb.

I still try, and I still enjoy it, and we enjoy going out every single evening and seeing how our progress is growing. I have several different types of cactuses that bloom. Some are pink, some are yellow, and I love it when they bloom in the summer.

Frugal summer activities

So I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into the frugal summer activities I do when the weather turns warmer. What are your favorite frugal things to do in the summer? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Jan58126766 Jan58126766 on Jun 05, 2023

    Love watching the night sky, full of stars, and in August, the meteor showers. The dances of the fireflies in the field behind the house, looking for their mate! Watching the fire (in a fire pit), flash and burn, and towards the end, the red hot embers glowing. Don't have a pool, but do have a 'kiddie pool', it really helps to cool you down on the hot summer days, just soaking and splashing your feet. Conversations, sharing thoughts and memories, and if course, solving the worlds problems!!! At 70, it is the simplest of things that DO bring joy.

  • We chased fireflies as a child in the dark, my nephew and I. He was closer to my age than my own siblings. We have ponds we will sit by after dark and watch for falling stars.....