How to Get Free Tickets for Concerts 2022

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If you’re wanting to check out the latest bands, but don’t have a budget, here is how to get free tickets for concerts 2022.

Love seeing live music, but don’t like the price tag? Seeing the latest concerts can really add up! The average price to see a concert in 2019 was $96.17 and the cost has only gone up since!

So how do you check out your favorite bands without spending a lot of cash? Our family attends several concerts a month at no cost. Here’s how to score free tickets using our secrets!

How to Get Free Tickets for Concerts 2022

Attend Free Concerts

Did you know some concerts don’t have a price tag? Especially in the warmer months, outdoor venues often feature free bands and shows that you can attend free of charge. This is a great way to enjoy live music without paying a penny.

Win Concert Tickets

Feeling lucky? You might just be able to win the tickets you desire! My husband wins thousands of dollars of event tickets a year — so much we have to pay taxes on it! Whether you tune in to your favorite station for radio contests, or follow local radio, TV stations and event menus on social media, contests are easy to find and oftentimes not very many people. This makes it easier to win with great odds!

When trying to win tickets, be sure to follow the concert rules, or you may be disqualified. Some radio stations only allow each individual or household one win during a certain time period such as every 30 days. My husband keeps track of when he is eligible to win on each station so he knows when he can start trying to win again.

Winning tickets, depending on the value may be taxable, especially if the value is over $600. Be prepared to provide your tax information or sign a tax form, especially if you win frequently.

Watch for Ticket Giveaways

Did you know that for many shows, promoters will give away tickets? For shows that may not be sold out, promoters will frequently give away tickets at radio station remotes and other event locations before the concert. This is an excellent way to get tickets to a show for no cost, for just the gas money to go pick them up!

When attending a giveaway to get tickets, be sure to show up early — like right when the event starts. Many of these giveaways have a limited quantity and you are more certain to get tickets if you are one of the first ones there.

Work the Event

Got time for a part-time job? Many event venues desperately need part-time employees to help take tickets, seat attendees and be security. While you will have to work, you’ll still get to see the show and get paid for doing it.

This doesn’t even need to be a regular gig. Large concerts will often hire temp labor to work a particular concert, and they often pay cash. Watch Craig’s List and local Facebook groups for your city for upcoming opportunities.

Check at Work

Does your employer sponsor local events? If so, they might have access to free sports and concert tickets. Check with human resources to see what is available. If they have tickets, but there is a limited quantity, there may be a lotto or wait list to sign up for.

Volunteer for Tickets

Want to attend a local music festival or concert without paying the price tag? You may be able to volunteer. Volunteers typically work a couple hour shift, but then can attend the rest of the events at no cost.

Become a Seat Filler

Did you know you can be a seat filler for concerts and shows? This is another way to get free tickets for concerts 2022, Promoters like a full house, especially for seats that will be visible in photos and videos from the event. Some services such as SeatStir do charge a small membership charge to get access to these tickets. Check to see what might be available in your area.

Watch for Freebies

Got a flexible schedule and can go to concerts and events on a moment’s notice? Watch your local Craig’s List and Facebook groups for free concert tickets! Many individuals who realize they cannot attend will give them away for free to those who can go last minute. My husband watches these daily and sees so many different concerts and shows free of charge!

If you are wondering how to get free tickets for concerts 2022, the good news is there are lots of ways to see the shows that you want to catch, without spending a lot of cash.

Whether you win the tickets, snag them from a giveaway, or work the event as an employee or volunteer, seeing the latest shows for no cost can be easier than you think. Got a way to get free concert tickets that we missed? Leave a comment below!

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