Clutter Free Gifts for Every Family Member This Christmas

We all love giving gifts to our friends and family and seeing their faces light up when they open them.

But with every Christmas, birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, and other special occasions, comes a clutter of presents that fill up our homes.

If you’re tired of giving and receiving meaningless gifts that end up in the junk drawer, this year choose something from this list of clutter free gifts to give to your loved ones and keep your house decluttered this holiday season.

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What are clutter-free gifts

Clutter free gifts bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”.

Gifts of experiences, like tickets to a show, an outdoors adventure, or even an online subscription service, are thoughtful gifts and memorable – without taking up physical space in the home.

Clutter free gifts also provide an opportunity to get creative; think outside the box and give something that is personal and special. No more stress about whether someone already has something similar or not – these gifts mean memories can last long after their material counterparts have been disposed of.

Why should we give more clutter free gifts

Here’s why you should be giving less physical gifts and buy clutter free gifts instead:

  • They’re more eco-friendly: A physical gift comes with packaging and wrapping which often ends up in landfills. With clutter-free gifts, you can avoid all this unnecessary rubbish.
  • They take up zero space: Experience gifts are a great way to make memories without creating physical clutter in your home.
  • They can be tailored to the gift recipient: Clutter free gifts are a great way to give a present that is truly meaningful and special as they can be tailored to the individual’s interests or needs.
  • They’re thoughtful: Experience gifts often have a longer lasting effect as they can help you create special moments with the person.
  • They reduce the chance of unwanted gifts: Giving clutter free gifts reduces the chance of your gift sitting in a cupboard gathering dust or being regifted to someone else.

35 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

Consumable Gift Ideas

Consumable gifts are things that can be used and then discarded of, so they don’t take up space in the home long term. Here are some ideas:

1. Shampoo & conditioner

This is what I ask for each and every year for Christmas. I use a particular shampoo and conditioner which is a little more expensive than the average supermarket brand. It also lasts me months so I rarely have to buy any myself!

2. Bottle of wine

You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine if you know your gift recipient loves it, and it’s a great addition to any Christmas feast! Plus, wine is certainly something that can be consumed quickly and the bottle disposed of in a recycling bin.

3. Food hamper

Food hampers make wonderful gifts and can contain items like chocolates, jams, biscuits, oils, sauces and more. All of these items are consumable so no need to worry about clutter building up!

Gift baskets are also great for tea lovers with a selection of herbal and green teas, plus some honey or sugar cubes.

4. Bath time gift basket

For someone who needs a reminder to take time for themselves and relax in the bath , put together a bath time gift basket with scented candles, essential oils, bubble bath and bath bombs.

5. Homemade treats

Everyone loves a homemade treat and they make great, simple Christmas gifts that don’t take up space in the home. Brownies, cookies or cupcakes make for a thoughtful gift for friends, work colleagues or extended family members.

6. Gourmet coffee beans

For the coffee lover in your life, why not give them a bag of gourmet coffee beans? Coffee beans make a great clutter free gift and your loved ones are sure to appreciate the indulgence. You can even buy a coffee subscription for your coffee lover!

Experience gifts

Experience gifts are things that the whole family can get involved with. Spending time with each other and creating special memories is something that no one can ever take away.

7. Movie night at home

With a bit of planning, you can give your family the gift of turning the living room into a home theatre and having a family movie night in. Set up some bean bags on the ground, buy some popcorn and watch classic films together with your nearest and dearest.

8. Day of outdoor activities like canoeing, biking or kayaking

These are the types of gifts that stay with people in their memories, unlike physical items which add clutter and get forgotten about as time goes by. Take someone out for a day of adventure and you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

9. Family photo session

It’s time to get an updated family photo and a photo session is a great family gift that everyone can enjoy. Gather all your family members and have a professional photographer capture some candid moments that you can hang in the living room and cherish for years to come.

10. Sporting event tickets

This is the perfect gift idea for the sports fanatic in your family. Whether it’s a football match, a tennis tournament or a motorsport event, tickets to the game will give them an unforgettable experience

11. Concert tickets

Live concerts are an amazing experience. Just seeing your favourite artists perform live on stage is definitely an unforgettable experience. You’ll find many concert tickets are released for sale in the weeks leading up to Christmas and they make the best gifts for music lovers.

12. Spa day

Give someone the gift of relaxation with a spa day. Book a massage, facial or body scrub to help them unwind and relax during the festive season – Christmas can become overwhelming and stressful after all.

13. Online class

I love to learn and I’m sure there are others in your family who feel the same way. You can get them an online class or subscription to a learning platform that they can access at any time. This is a great gift if you want to encourage someone to explore their interests and develop new skills.

14. Cooking classes

Cooking classes are a great way to meet new people, learn new recipes and cooking techniques and even how to plate food like a professional. Give someone the opportunity to master their kitchen skills with a cooking class – and they might even reward you with a taste of what they learn!

15. Plane tickets

If someone has a bucket list of places they want to visit, why not cover the cost of plane tickets so they can tick it off? This could be a great gift idea for someone who is adventurous or loves travelling. Alternatively, even just a voucher towards some plane tickets if it’s not in your budget to pay the full cost. They will still very much appreciate it.

16. A day at the driving range

If someone in your family loves golf, then a day at the driving range is a great idea for a gift for them. Grab some friends and head to their local driving range for some golfing fun. Some venues even offer free lessons if you don’t know how to play – so why not learn something new together?

17. Hot air balloon ride

This is an absolute treat, and certainly a gift for a special someone! It’s also likely to be on the pricier side of gift giving this Christmas. But if you have the budget for it, hot air ballooning is an incredible experience that they won’t forget.

18. A weekend away

This is my go-to clutter free gift idea for groups of friends. Each year, my friends and I choose a location to go away for a weekend. We each pay for ourselves and say it’s our Christmas present to each other rather than buying gifts for each other.

Gift cards

19. Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are the perfect way to give someone something they actually want without worrying about taking up physical space in their home.

“But doesn’t that just add more clutter?!”. Well, yes the gift recipient can use it to purchase physical items from Amazon, but at least you know they’ll be getting something they need or want.

20. Restaurant gift card

Everyone loves a night out at their favourite restaurant. Give someone the gift of a delicious meal and some quality time. Gift cards to restaurants are always welcome – after all, who doesn’t love food?!

21. Coffee shop gift card

As an alternative to a restaurant gift card, you can give someone the opportunity to get their daily caffeine fix with a coffee shop gift card. They’ll be able to enjoy some of their favourite drinks or treats for the entire festive season and beyond.

22. Gas gift card

Sometimes, the perfect minimalist gifts can be things that the recipient really needs. A gas gift card is a great way to give someone the means to fill up their car so that they can get from A to B without worrying about money or running out of fuel.

Subscription gifts

23. Amazon Prime membership

Gift someone with an Amazon Prime Membership for a year or even just a couple of months. This will give them access to free delivery and streaming services so that they can enjoy the convenience of online shopping from home.

24. Gym membership or personal trainer

A personal trainer can be expensive and it might not be something you would buy for yourself. But it’s the best gift to give someone the support they need to reach their fitness goals. Alternatively, buy them a gym membership if they prefer working out on their own.

25. Netflix subscription

This is a great clutter-free gift for those who love their movies and TV shows. Netflix streaming service is something most households use and appreciate. So why not gift them a subscription to keep them entertained throughout the festive season?

26. Audible membership

Audible is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who loves books or podcasts. Subscribing to Audible will give them access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts, so they can listen to their favourite stories anytime and anywhere.

27. Amazon Kindle unlimited

The perfect gift for bookworms, an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription gives them access to over 1 million books, magazines and comics. Physical books often take up a lot of space, and while many people love this type of clutter, if you know someone who prefers a neat space and still loves to read, this is the gift for them.

Clutter free gift ideas for kids

28. Movie tickets

A great way to keep the kids entertained is to take them to the cinema. Movie tickets are an excellent clutter free gift for children that will have them excited and looking forward to watching their favourite movies on the big screen, and of course some treats to munch on! You could even book a ‘movie marathon day’ with tickets to see multiple movies at the cinema.

29. Music lessons

A great gift for music lovers or aspiring musicians, music lessons are a fun way to get kids interested in playing an instrument. The gift of learning an instrument is something they can keep forever.

30. Dance classes

Similarly, a gift certificate for a dance class is a great way to get kids into physical activity and have fun at the same time. Whether they’re interested in ballet, hip hop or jazz, you can find classes to suit their interests.

31. Game night

Game nights are an excellent way to keep the kids entertained on a budget. Give them something to look forward to with a game night full of board games, card games and puzzles that they’ll spend hours playing with the whole family.

Gift of time / Acts of service gifts

You don’t necessarily have to spend money in order to give someone a good gift, in fact, sometimes all we want from our loved ones is to spend quality time with them.

32. Offer to cook

Offer to cook dinner for them and their family. This could be a great way to show your support and appreciation, as well as giving them the chance to sit back and relax while you take care of dinner.

33. Free babysitting

If you know someone with young kids, offer to babysit for a few hours so that they can get out for date night or have some time for themselves.

34. Offer to teach someone something

Do you have a skill or hobby that someone would like to learn? Offering your time to teach them something you’re good at can be one of the best gifts anyone could receive.

35. Coupon book

Make a coupon booklet of all the things you can do for your loved one. This could include a massage by you, running errands, doing chores, or breakfast in bed. It’s sure to be a cherished and thoughtful gift that they’ll appreciate.

Creative ways of giving clutter free gifts

With physical items, we wrap them and keep them under the Christmas tree. But what about clutter free gifts?

Here are some creative ways to present clutter free gifts:

  • Decorate a mason jar or envelope with festive wrapping paper and place the gift card or a picture of the gift inside – for example, you could have a picture of people kayaking to show this is the gift
  • Put a gift card in a box with Christmas confetti
  • Write a poem about the gift recipient, incorporating the details of their subscription or membership
  • Create a video outlining all the benefits that come with the gift
  • Create a scavenger hunt leading to a picture of the gift, leaving clues and riddles along the way for them to figure out

That’s a ‘wrap’ on these clutter free gifts

These are just some clutter free or minimalist gift ideas you can give this Christmas that won’t add more stuff in the home. Whether it’s an experience, a service or just quality time, show your family how much you care by giving thoughtful gifts that will ensure a clutter-free Christmas!


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