How to Make Gift Baskets For Under $10 Using Only Dollar Tree Items

Today I'm going to share with you five different gift basket ideas using Dollar Tree products focused on spa and beauty items. All of these gifts are under $10, but also well-known brand names so they're perfect for spoiling your loves ones. Let's get wrapping!

Gift basket 1

Dollar Tree gift bag

1. Gift bag

First, you want to start with a gift bag from Dollar Tree. 

Garnier Fructis hair mask

2. Hair mask

I'm going to include this Garnier Fructis hair mask. I was really lucky to find this. See what you have at your Dollar Tree. I’ve seen this at a lot of different Dollar Trees, and they have it in a strawberry, pear, and pineapple. 

Beauty blender travel case

3. Beauty blender travel case

I also love this blender travel case. It's for your beauty blender for when you travel so it keeps it nice and clean.

NYX lip cream

4. Lip cream

I got this NYX lip cream in the shade Ibiza and I think it's cool because it's a brand name and no one will ever know that it's a dollar.

NYX liquid eyeliner

5. Liquid eyeliner

Speaking of NYX I found these liquid crystal liners in shades of gold and silver which are perfect colors for the holidays.

Nail glue and tips

6. Nail glue and tips

Next two items I’m pretty sure you can find at most Dollar Tree stores. The Kiss nail glue and the L.A. Colors nail tips.

Christmas gifts under $10

This concludes gift number one.

Gift basket 2

Clear cellophane gift bag

1. Clear cellophane bag

For gift basket idea number two you want to get a clear cellophane bag or even a smaller gift bag. It also includes a free ribbon and gift tag. 

ioni lip gloss and lipstick

2. Lip gloss and lipstick

In the bag, place this ioni lip gloss and ioni liquid lipstick from Dollar Tree.

e.l.f. lash glue

3. Lash glue

Many dollar trees include e.l.f. brand, it's one of my favorite lash glues. It's very sticky and tacky and my lashes won't fall off. 

ioni false lashes

4. False lashes

The ioni lashes are my absolute favorite lashes. This is the only brand of lashes that won't lift in my inner corner they will stay on all day. I can apply them very easily.

Gifts for women under $10

I’m going to lay it sideways so that you can see the products. I’m going to pinch the sides and fold. I just seal it with a red bow and then you can add a gift tag that would be pretty cute as well.

This was under five dollars and looks cute.

Gift basket 3

Dollar Tree makeup bag

1. Makeup bag

I couldn’t believe this flower beauty makeup bag was at Dollar Tree because it's pretty big and deep and can hold a lot of makeup. 

Beauty blender travel case

2. Beauty blender travel case

I am going to include this blender travel case. I love this, as you can tell. 

L.A. Colors lipstick

3. Lipstick

I have this L.A. Colors matte lipstick in the shade Keeper.  

L.A. Colors lip mousse

4. Lip mousse

I have this L.A. Colors velvet lip mousse in the shade Soufflé because it would complement the other lipstick as well as the eyeshadows I’m about to show you.

L.A. Colors eyeshadow quad in Bare

5. Eyeshadow

I added an L.A. Colors quad in the shade Bare, which is like wearing your natural everyday tone. It has some shimmer and some mattes. 

L.A. Colors eyeshadow quad in Heat

We have another L.A. Colors quad in the shade Heat that has more of an orangey look to it. It has some shimmers and mattes as well.

L.A. Colors eyeshadow quad in Smoky

Lastly, I picked up an L.A. Colors quad in the color Smoky. Of course, you have your typical smoky eye which will pair beautifully with the nude lip colors.

Unique gifts under $10

If you want to make it a little more festive you can add a bow but honestly, I think it'll look just as great without one to give to someone as a gift.

Gift basket 4

Dollar Tree makeup bag

1. Makeup bag

Because I have several of these flower beauty makeup bags, I’m going to create another makeup-filled bag.

Hard Candy night serum

2. Night serum

 I’ll include this Hard Candy night serum. I picked up one for myself and it feels nice. It’s an overnight moisturizer.

Hard Candy loose powder

3. Loose powder

I’m also going to include two of these Hard Candy loose powders. I have one in the shade Banana and then also a loose powder that has a matte finish to it.

Hard Candy lipstick and lip liner

4. Lipstick and lip liner

The Hard Candy set with a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner will go in the bag too. I chose the burgundy color.

Dollar Tree gifts under $10

That concludes gift idea number four

Bonus tip

One thing I want to add is if you can't find these exact items at your Dollar Tree and you've been to several and have had no luck, that's okay. Every single Dollar Tree has a makeup aisle. It doesn't have to be the same brand, it could still be a face mask, a liquid lipstick, or a hair mask. It’s just nicer for gifting if it looks like brand names.

I think one thing to elevate the gift idea is to keep it all the same brand so even if it's not name-brand, even if it's all Sassy Chic, that's fine.

Gift bag 5

This is my favorite gift idea from today's video. 

Dollar Tree gift box

1. Gift box

Dollar Tree has little gift boxes that you can purchase.

e.l.f. makeup

2. e.l.f. makeup

Inside I included all e.l.f. items. I lined it with some tissue paper and I included the dual-sided silicone blender, a jelly highlighter in the shade Dew, the e.l.f. small tapered brush, the color correcting stick, and underneath the brush I've included the red matte lipstick. 

Dollar Tree gift basket ideas

I thought the matte lipstick fit perfectly. It looks nice and it all has the matte black going on.

It’s under $10 but it looks like I spent at least $20. 

Gift baskets and boxes under $10

Bonus tip

Another tip I want to mention is the presentation of the gift can make it look like you spent a lot more money when you just spent a few dollars.

You can get a festive gift box, a festive storage bin, you can get regular gift boxes, and wrap in some fancy wrapping paper and gift tags and bows and ribbons. They have all that at Dollar Tree. I’ve seen some people use the wooden ornaments as a gift tag and it just really elevates the presentation.

Gift baskets under $10

I hope you enjoyed my five gift ideas under $10 using Dollar Tree products. What are your favorite makeup items to give to others? Share in the comments!

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