15 Popular Holiday Items She Won't Be Buying This Year

by Simplify

Holiday items are expected to cost up to 25% more this year. If you’re trying to stick to a budget this holiday, cutting out certain items is something to consider.

As The Minimal Mom advises, eliminating unnecessary spending will enable you to spend on more meaningful things like traveling to see family or making sure the kids get the things on their wishlists.

Holiday-themed paper goods are getting more expensive and are simply not necessary. Getting a new outfit to wear for Christmas is nice but also unnecessary. Stockings and stocking stuffers are a cute tradition, but it’s usually cheap junk that ends up cluttering your house.

Another thing to skip is premade gingerbread kits. They're expensive and you can make graham cracker gingerbread houses for a fraction of the price. Plus, each child gets to make their own and decorate it the way they want.

Consider opting out of professional family portraits. While there is value in using a professional, it is another unnecessary expense when you can easily take your own pictures with your phone. There are websites that help you turn your picture into a professional-looking holiday card.

Holiday items she won't buy this year

Skip holiday craft kits. They're cute, but they don’t keep kids occupied for that long. Instead, give them cardboard boxes and masking tape. Kids don't need things put together for them. Let their creativity take shape by giving them basic materials and see what they come up with on their own.

Holiday items she won't buy this year

Consumerism encourages us to spend more, and we end up creating new traditions, like getting matching holiday pajamas.

While these types of recent traditions can be fun, they make a huge dent in holiday budgets. Cutting back on a few holiday items will save you money and odds are, no one will miss those small extras.

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  • Gerry harrison Gerry harrison on Dec 07, 2022

    I have enjoyed making gift bags from colorful fabric, which I have loads of, since I am a quilter. It does not take much yardage. You can just make an envelope and use yarn or ribbon to tie it closed. Gerry

  • Anna Y Anna Y on Dec 07, 2022

    My children appreciate when I gift them one of my original art pieces. My oldest daughter has been asking me about traditions when I was growing up and she wants to recreate them for me.