How To Use Greenery for Christmas DIY Projects

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Are you ready for some more sustainable and eco-friendly DIY projects? I’m sharing how to use greenery for Christmas DIY projects, such as Christmas boxwood mini wreaths, cedar ornaments for packages, and tree decorations.

Each of these projects can be made larger or smaller depending on your needs.

What Greenery Is Best For Christmas?

When choosing greenery for Christmas, almost any evergreen will work in the short run. However, for the best long-term results, I have a few favorites.

  • Boxwood
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Magnolia
  • Spruce

Any evergreen will dry out, especially when used inside with the heat running. These tips will help to keep your greenery looking fresh longer during the holidays.

Greenery With Berries

In addition to the above evergreens, I like to use Holly and Nandina for holiday decorating. Both have red berries and look great tucked into vases or floral arrangements mixed with other greenery.

They will also stay looking good inside the house for several weeks.

What Herbs are Best for Christmas DIY Projects

In addition to fresh greenery, I love to use fresh herbs when planning my eco-friendly and sustainable Christmas decor.

I have both Rosemary and Sage growing in my landscape, and it’s easy to incorporate these fresh herbs into my holiday decorating.

Fill bud vases with these fragrant herbs and add them to your bathroom and kitchen for a fresh, clean scent.

In addition, add them to your floral arrangement and use them in your DIY projects.

One of my favorite projects is this Fresh Herb and Dried Fruit Garland I hang in my kitchen window each Christmas.

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How Can You Use Boxwood at Christmas?

When you cut boxwood in winter, it stays looking fresh for weeks and weeks. Even when brought inside, the leaves remain green for a long time.

If you fill a basket or container with fresh boxwood stems and place them in an area where they are undisturbed, they will last until the start of Spring.

You can also make topiaries with fresh boxwood. These Boxwood and Lemon topiaries were made for an Italian Tablescape, however, you can use this tutorial for a holiday version.

If you don’t prefer lemons for Christmas, replace them with kumquats or dried orange slices.

How To Make Mini-Boxwood Wreaths

I have been making these cute mini-boxwood wreaths for gift packages. However, you can make them any size you desire and use them as chair charms, door wreaths, or ornaments.

They are easy and inexpensive to make.

You only need fresh boxwood stems and floral wire. Add Jute Twine to your supply list if you plan to tie them to a package or to make a hanger.

Begin by twisting the wire into a circle.

Add a long fresh boxwood stem with any runners removed to the circle.

Begin with the wire at the center of the stem. Wrap the stem around the wire from both ends until it is secured.

If necessary cut any excess stem with pruning shears.

To make the mini-wreath full, I usually add a second stem.

The larger the wreath, the more stems you may require to get the desired fullness.

The mini-boxwood wreaths look cute when doubled on a package.

Magnolia & Pine For Christmas Decorating

Magnolia leaves will also hold up well during the holiday season. They are great for filling containers and tucking in among your other florals.

I have also made several garlands using Magnolia leaves from the trees on our property. This is the porch swing draped in a magnolia garland from a couple of years ago.

The front porch containers are filled with both magnolia and pine to decorate for Christmas

Fresh Cedar For Christmas

Another favorite evergreen is real cedar.

I have used cedar to make Real Cedar and Orange Topiaries that looked great for the entire Christmas Decorating Season.

In addition, cedar makes a great garland, and I love to use it outside because it stays fresh longer. You can see how good the fresh cedar garland looks on the Greenhouse.

How To Make Real Cedar Plate Wreaths

Try these cedar plate wreaths to make your holiday table settings look festive without spending a lot of money. They are sustainable and easy to make.

How To Make Cedar Ornaments or Package Toppers

The cute tree and wreath are made of 100% free materials, except for a little hot glue, and they are easy to make.

Cedar Wreath

For the first ornament, cut a small circle from recycled cardboard and cut the cedar into small pieces.

Add hot glue to the cardboard circle.

Begin adding sprigs of cedar to the cardboard working in a circle.

You have to be careful not to burn your fingers when working with hot glue, and I found these finger protectors very helpful.

Continue to fill the cardboard circle with cedar until it is your desired shape.

In addition, if you plan to attach it as a package topper, you can add a double stick tape to the backside of the cardboard.

Then, stick the cedar wreath to the craft paper-wrapped package.

Cedar Christmas Tree Ornament

All you need is fresh cedar, a twig, recycled cardboard, and a hot glue gun.

Cut the cardboard into the shape of a Christmas tree.

Next, attach small pieces of the cedar to the cardboard with hot glue. Be sure to cover the cardboard completely.

You can remove any wild cedar with pruning shears to get the desired shape of your tree.

Finally, use hot glue to attach a twig to the back side of the cardboard for the tree trunk.

The cedar Christmas Tree can be used as an ornament or look great as a gift package topper.

Gift Package Ideas

These cute eco-friendly, sustainable projects are easy and inexpensive to make.

Get the kids involved and see how many different shapes and ideas you can create. Use caution with the hot glue gun, especially with small children.

Wrap your gifts with eco-friendly craft paper for a budget-friendly alternative to expensive gift wraps.

Adding these cute greenery toppers or t hese DIY scrap fabric gift toppers will make your gifts unique, and know one will notice the lack of expensive wrapping paper.

Supply List

Here is a supply list for all the above projects. Most supplies are foraged and recycled.

See Video Tutorial

Thanks so much for stopping today and I look forward to sharing my next adventure with you.

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