5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. I can't believe it! I started to prepare this past weekend for the enormous meal we prepare each year for a family.

This year, we will have some of our staple side dishes like Chestnut Stuffing (modified for our vegetarian guests) and brine Turkey, pumpkin, and apple pie. But, this year, we will try a new cranberry sauce, vegetarian soup, and string bean recipe, among other dishes. Yummy!

Here are five tips on getting your home ready for Thanksgiving:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Make a list of what you will have for your meal in advance. I like to do this at the end of October to make sure I plan for the money and time I will need to get all the stuff completed in time for Thanksgiving. I make a list of the dishes by course. Appetizer - Antipasto, Main Course - Turkey (brine style), etc...

Create a sheet that has 4 columns on it.

1. Add the title of the recipe in the first column.

2. In the second column, for what course it will be used for. This could be for the main course, the appetizer, the sides, or desserts. Making a note of the recipe and what the course is will help you determine what you still need to add to this massive Thanksgiving dinner.

3. Then, the last column would be for ingredients that you need to buy because you may have some ingredients already in your pantry. Check there first before adding the ingredients to the list.

4. Indicate if you have the item by checking the X column.

Here is an example below of how you should write it out.

Recipe Name | Course | Ingredients for this recipe | X

To save money, go online and find coupons for the staple items you need for your dishes.

Pie crusts, pie filling, and many other items always have coupons this time of year. Shop early for these items - some coupons will expire by Thanksgiving.

Coupons.com is a great place to look for manufacturers' coupons.

Also check the grocery store app to make sure you load up all the coupons on there that you need.

Check the pharmacy store apps too. They sometimes have these items cheaper than the grocery store because they don't want to keep too many things in stock for too long.

To save even more money, buy bulk items and use coupons!

These items include butter, flour, sugar, etc... Thinking ahead on what items you plan on using in December will make it easier when you start the busy holiday hosting season.

Check out this post 50+ Freezable Foods That Will Save You Time and Money by Andrea Dekker for more items you may want to freeze before they are sold out during the Thanksgiving.

Look through and inspect linens and ensure all your supplies are in good shape.

Over the years, items can look worn, and there may be ones that have cracks or scratches on them. Review these items and make a "To Buy" list, and remember to buy early.

Visit your nearby discount store for replacement items.

Since retailers start selling holiday stuff, the Thanksgiving entertaining items are usually on discount. Check there first before going to a more expensive store.

Check out what I did last year for my Thanksgiving Table using old linen towels from my grandmother. MAKING A TABLECLOTH FROM ANTIQUE LINEN TOWEL AND LACE TABLE RUNNER

Gather your platters and other serving dishes/utensils and put them in one place.

Go through and match up a serving utensil with each platter. Ensure you have enough plates, glasses, silverware, etc... for all your guests. If you run short, add it to the "To Buy" list.

Create a buffet for the Thanksgiving party if you have a crowd coming over.

Pick an area that has a lot of room on both sides. This will allow your guests to walk around the buffet and help themselves more quickly.


Visit our recipes for a crowd for some recipe ideas:

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Company coming?

If you have company staying with you, ensure clean towels and set up a bed for them. I like to decorate the house and the room our guests stay in with various fall decorations. If your items are worn, add them to the "To Buy" list.

Buy two to four complete sets of towels (hand towel, washcloth, bath towel) when they go on sale to only use for company.

Place them in the linen closet away from all the other towels. I like using the top shelf for these towels.

If you want even more tips, check out these additional posts to help you get your home ready.

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Well, I hope this helps you make your Thanksgiving less stressful. With a little planning, you will have a successful day.

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