You Need to Buy These Dollar Tree Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip

If you are planning a trip soon, this one's for you. I am about to reveal the 50 travel essentials you should be buying at Dollar Tree. Here are my best tips to pack most efficiently and save hundreds on your trip. Let’s dive in!

Dollar Tree travel essential

Get a purse organizer and stick three phone pockets to its side for a super efficient case to put in your bag. Use the pockets for any small objects you want accessible.

Transform a pill case into a moving pharmacy and place it in the bottom of the purse organizer we have made before. It fits perfectly and provides a sturdy base to help it stand up, and you can see through to remember what you put inside.

Bridal kits are also great to carry small items, such as gums and mints I always take with me.

I am also turning a nail case into a first aid kit, filling it with disinfectant and bandages, which are the things I find I need most often. They fit perfectly with the purse organizer.

Dollar Tree travel essential

This comb is a brand new item at Dollar Tree. It comes in four different colors and it has a hidden compartment with hairpins. Since I have no use for those, I am going to use the compartment for other things that I need when I travel like a nail file and hair ties.

Duct tape has so many great uses when you travel. I am winding some around a ballpoint pen, which is also a great item to have.

If you need to waterproof an item, a shopping bag and some duct tape will do that in a pinch. Moreover, if you are longing for a bath but your tub has no stopper, that duct tape works just as well.

Painter's tape also has many great uses for travel. If you are having trouble sleeping in a room with little lights flashing, one or two pieces can cover those effectively.

Besides, if you are afraid you are going to forget something in the morning, it makes a great space to write yourself a note.

Dollar Tree travel essential

Pick up a couple of these preloaded toothbrushes and stick those in your bag to freshen up in the middle of your trip.

Dollar Tree also offers two hand sanitizers for $1.25, which is cheaper than anywhere else, and I like the yellow scent best. I also picked up some travel disinfectant wipes and those fit perfectly inside the bag as well.

The face masks and the makeup removers from Dollar Tree are so much cheaper than at a different store. Look for travel size and flat cased lotions that take up little space and lip balm with SPF.

Dollar Tree travel essential

Some of my very favorites for travel are these squeeze bottles for craft supplies. These are perfect for heavier liquids like lotions and oils. The squeeze top lid will screw down so that nothing will spill out when you are traveling.

Dollar Tree travel essential

Another one of my favorites is this portable hairbrush and mirror from the cosmetic section.

If you are trying to keep kids busy, Dollar Tree’s puzzle books rival those that sell for 10 times as much at the airport.

Do not sleep on the book section either. Some other great options include the manipulatives from the teacher's section and compact versions of childhood games.

Dollar Tree travel essential

I want to avoid taking my expensive water bottle on travel, so this one is my Dollar Tree favorite. It has a lid that completely covers the drink spout and you can find so many fun powdered drink mixes at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree travel essential

You also have to stock up on some healthy snacks. I especially love these 40 calorie crunchy rice rolls.

Dollar Tree travel essential

Pick up some of these dressing individual size silicone containers. Popping that lid on and off will allow you to clean them easily.

Use these to hold your favorite hair care products, lotions, even some little snacks. When you are done, squeeze all the air out to make them lie flatter to optimize your space.

Dollar Tree travel essential

You may not think of party balloons as a travel necessity, but they are great to prevent your toiletries from opening and making a mess in your bag on the way.

Cut them to fit your container and enjoy an easy solution that will save you from buying costly specialized travel skins.

Dollar Tree travel essential

I am always afraid I am going to leave my cell phone somewhere, so this arm sleeve will help with that. It is always a great idea to have an extra USB outlet as well.

Dollar Tree travel essential

If you are going in a car with messy cup holders, pick up a two pack of these round sponges in the cosmetic section and place them in your cup holders.

They will absorb any liquid that spills and all you need to do is wring them out to clean them.

Besides, Dollar Tree has tiny trash bags that are great to dispose of those extra bits of trash.

Dollar Tree travel essential

If you are concerned about the cleanliness of a hotel bed, pick up these pillow covers as well as a mattress cover before you go traveling. I also always recommend taking a pair of flip flops for the shower.

If you are planning a trip to Disney, save a ton of money by buying merchandise at the Dollar Tree. They have all the licensed Disney products for a fraction of the price at the park.

A pack of foot and heel gel pads can make a huge difference. Medications are also often cheaper here than say at Walgreens. You can also pick up a $1.25 thermometer and a pain relief gel.

The neck rolls at the Dollar Tree Plus section are as good as the expensive ones at the airport.

Dollar Tree travel essential

When you see pill and contact cases at Dollar Tree, think outside the box. They can be used for jewelry and any tiny things you bring along.

Shower caps are a great item to use as intended, but you will also want them to cover dirty shoes or clothes and wet swimsuits before you repack them in your suitcase.

Dollar Tree travel essential

Stick Up air fresheners can be a real lifesaver, as well as mini packs of laundry and dishwasher pods, if you are going to a condo.

Mini lint rollers and these two-for-one laundry bags are great to use to portion out daily outfits. If you want to color coordinate your family or your kids, Dollar Tree even sells T-shirts.

Dollar Tree travel essentials

These are all the travel essentials and travel related ideas for shopping at the Dollar Tree. What are your travel must-haves? Share in the comments!

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  • Nan Nan on Jun 16, 2024
    Great ideas. Another DollarTree essential buy are plastic travel tooth rush cases, except use to put a pen, pencil and nail file in. Pop in purse to have items always handy and the purse interior clean.
  • Liz Liz on Jul 07, 2024
    Great ideas!!!! Thank you