10 Mind-Blowing Vaseline Household Hacks You Never Knew About

by Simplify

Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, is a staple item found in nearly every home across the globe. But did you know about the myriad of ways this versatile substance can be used beyond beauty and skincare? Read on to uncover 10 mind-blowing Vaseline household hacks that could revolutionize your everyday life.

Vaseline in its classic tub

1. Shining Your Shoes

One of the surprising uses of Vaseline is its ability to make your shoes shine like they're brand new. Just dab a small amount on a soft cloth and polish away. Vaseline not only gives a brilliant shine but also provides a waterproof barrier, keeping your shoes looking great even in adverse weather.

2. Easing Stuck Zippers

Tired of battling those stubborn, stuck zippers? Rub a bit of Vaseline along the teeth of the zipper. It works as a lubricant, helping the zipper glide smoothly, making your zipper troubles a thing of the past.

Vaseline is a great hidden hack for stuck zippers

3. Enhancing the Life of Your Candles

Are you fond of the soothing light and comforting aroma of candles? Give your favorite candles a longer life with a simple application of Vaseline. Before lighting the wick, smear a small amount of Vaseline on the top surface of the candle. This will slow down the burning process, allowing you to enjoy the ambient light and fragrance for an extended period. With this hack, your candlelit dinners or relaxing bath sessions can last even longer!

4. Protecting Against Paint Splatters

For your next DIY painting project, apply a layer of Vaseline to the edges of anything you don't want painted - think window panes, doorknobs, and hinges. After painting, the unwanted paint easily wipes away from the greased surfaces, leaving your trimmings and hardware paint-free.

5. Preventing Rusting

By coating outdoor tools and machinery with Vaseline, you can create a barrier that prevents moisture and oxygen from causing rust. This simple maintenance hack can greatly extend the lifespan of your garden and garage tools.

Vaseline: the next rust preventor!

6. Restoring Leather Furniture

A thin layer of Vaseline can help rejuvenate dried-out leather. Just make sure to test a small, hidden area first to ensure it doesn't darken the color. If it works well, your leather sofas and armchairs will thank you.

7. Making Perfume Last Longer

Dabbing a small amount of Vaseline on your wrists or neck before spritzing on your favorite fragrance can help the scent stick around for longer. The oiliness of Vaseline traps the perfume, slowing its evaporation and intensifying the fragrance.

8. Removing Water Rings From Furniture

If you've got unsightly water rings on your wooden furniture, don't despair. Apply a mixture of Vaseline and any form of ash (like cigarette ash or fireplace ash), let it sit for 10 minutes, then rub it off. The rings should disappear, restoring the beauty of your furniture.

Vaseline and ash will get rid of water rings on your wooden furniture

9. Loosening Tight Rings

A tight ring can quickly become a source of panic. Fortunately, a dab of Vaseline can solve this problem. Apply it around the ring and rotate to lubricate, making removal a breeze.

10. Preventing Door Hinges from Squeaking

Say goodbye to those annoying squeaky door hinges. Apply a bit of Vaseline to the hinge pins to keep your doors opening and closing smoothly and silently.


These Vaseline household hacks show how versatile and useful this common product can be. So next time you spot that little tub of Vaseline in your cupboard, remember these tips and hacks, because it's not just for chapped lips and minor burns - it's a multipurpose wonder tool, waiting to make your life a bit easier and more efficient.

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  • Susan Lee Susan Lee on Mar 09, 2024

    I put it around the top of any kind if glue I use. I have thrown away so many before this.

  • BonDiva BonDiva 2 days ago

    Please don't use it around CANDLES It IS FLAMMABLE, it is a PETROLEUM PRODUCT. This is why they tell people NOT to use it on the face or nose of anyone on oxygen, it can easily FLAME and burn them terribly.

    If you are restoring collector and antique items, DON'T use it to lubricate and clean around the metal joints, it can break the metal down. In addition, it can break down the plastic, vinyl and other materials that dolls and toys are made of. PETROLEUM!