4 Amazing Baking Soda Hacks For Cleaning Your Home

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Everyone knows that baking soda is a useful product to have at home, but are you really using it to the fullest? Today I want to share four amazing baking soda hacks to make your cleaning process so much easier. Let’s get started!

1. Cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen sink

My first baking soda hack is using baking soda to clean your kitchen sink. This is not just an all-natural product, but it also works just as well and smells much better than any product that is sold in stores that are made to be used as a scouring agent.

All you need is baking soda, about 60 drops of lemon essential oil, and an airtight glass container. I use lemon essential oil in my kitchen all the time. It smells so fresh and clean, acts as a natural disinfectant for surfaces, and eliminates mold. You want to store anything that has essential oils in a glass container.

Adding essential oil to baking soda

Pour your baking soda into the glass jar and add 60 drops of lemon essential oil to the baking soda. Then put the lid on and shake it to mix it all up.

Cleaning a kitchen sink

Next, sprinkle the mixture over your sink surface and use a sponge to scrub away. This leaves a streak-free shine and cleans your sink like nothing else.

2. Unclogging a sink drain

We all have those stubborn drains that are running slow in the kitchen sink, the bathroom tub, and the bathroom sink. Do not worry though: I have a great baking soda drain hack.

Baking soda drain hack

 To unclog your drains, place half a cup of baking soda in the drain and then add half a cup of white vinegar on top of that. Be aware the vinegar will make the baking soda bubble up. Wait five minutes for it to work its magic.

After five minutes, run hot water down the drain until clear. You may have to repeat this process a few times for stubborn clogs.

3. Cleaning and disinfecting a cutting board

It is very important to clean your cutting boards after each use. It keeps stains and smells from penetrating the wood; the cutting board can hold harmful bacteria that can spread food poisoning.

Baking soda cleaning hacks

When you clean your cutting board, you want to use hot water, a sponge, and that same baking soda mixture we just made for your sink. All you do is scrub away.

The lemon essential oil removes smells and acts as a natural disinfectant. Just make sure you rinse it thoroughly and it will be ready for your next use.

4. Cleaning your washing machine

As a general rule, you should be cleaning the inside and outside of your washing machine once per month. If you use a natural solution like this one, this process will not harm your septic system if you have one, so the more often you clean this, the better.

Using baking soda for cleaning a washing machine

Just pour one cup of vinegar into the bleach dispenser and run the hot water cycle to fill up the basin. Take a mixture of half a cup of baking soda with a little water, put some on your sponge, and scrub the inside of the washing machine to remove any buildup or dust.

Then put the rest of the baking soda mixture into the hot water and let the cycle run. Your washing machine will turn out sparkling clean.

Baking soda hacks

I hope that these baking soda cleaning hacks have been useful for you. Do you know any other hacks with baking soda? How do you use baking soda at your home? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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  • Gerl Nucc Gerl Nucc on Nov 28, 2023

    I use baking soda to brush my teeth. You can make your own paste - mix baking soda with a little bit of peroxide and you can add a few drops of mint extract to have minty fresh breath. you may not want to use peroxide daily, so I use just the baking soda on a wet toothbrush.

    • Rza67239010 Rza67239010 on Feb 01, 2024

      Add coconut oil, it helps whiten your teeth as well. I put Coconut oil on my brush and dip in baking soda.😁 I'm an avid coffee drinker too, and always get complemented on how white my teeth are I've been doing it for several years. My dentist says whatever your doing keep it up.

  • Evelyn Evelyn on Dec 03, 2023

    How do you use to clean a washer wither sensor and barely uses much water. Does nit fill as the old type of washers. Water used depends on the amount of clothes to clean, must be in place?!

    • Sca7934985 Sca7934985 on Dec 16, 2023

      Lift the lid.. close it.. it will then fill all the way up