10 Affordable Fall Decor Ideas That Don’t Look Cheap

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As the temperatures begin to cool in the fall, we tend to spend more time in our homes.

I believe we long for a cozy and relaxed feel this time of year.

Focusing on creating memories with our family and loved ones in our home.

Gathering with friends and family for a savory dinner around the table, or a spirited game with a crackling fire is definitely on my Fall bucket list.

Certainly, we want to create a home that feels peaceful and comfortable.

But, how do we do it without spending an arm and a leg?

If you’re looking for some inspiration you’ve come to the right place.

Because updating your home with cozy Fall decor can be affordable and it doesn’t have to look cheap.

Scroll on down as I share 10 ideas for decorating your home for Fall on a budget.


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When is a good time to start decorating for Fall?

Of course there’s no set rule, when to start adding Fall decor in your home.

Certainly it can be unclear when to start decorating for Fall depending on where you live and your climate.

Here in Utah, it’s late August and I’m already starting to see a little change in the leaves.

It certainly feels like Fall is on it’s way.

Even so, follow seasonal cues and go with your heart.

And why not prepare your home for Fall now?

I believe that everyone is mindful of their budget.

Above all, we all want to stretch our dollar as far as we can.

Lucky for you, that’s what we specialize in, high end looks on a small budget.

As you browse this post, you’ll find a variety of ways to add that cozy fall decor into your home and it will never look cheap.

So let’s get started!

Just take a walk around your garden and see what your yard has for FREE.

Certainly you can’t get any cheaper fall decor than FREE!

Some natural elements you might want to consider are:

  • twigs or branches
  • berries, like pyracantha or holly
  • flowers like mums, sunflowers and hydrangeas, which dry beautifully in the fall
  • autumn leaves
  • acorns
  • chestnuts
  • pumpkins and gourds
  • grasses
  • cattails

A couple of years ago, I cut down cattails that were growing along side the road and added them to my fall decor.

Adding natural elements that create that warm collected look is definitely cheap and easy fall decor.

This year, don’t you love how Steph incorporated sunflowers into her fall decorating?

Just as Steph incorporated the wild sunflowers into her fall decor, I was inspired by the wild “pampas” grass growing along side the road.

So with my pruners in hand, I clipped a bunch and made this seasonal wreath which I hung on my blanket ladder.

For a quick tutorial head over to our Instagram, click on the DIY’s highlight circle.

Clearly, when the temperatures start to fall you want to have a warm and cozy blanket around.

For this reason, I like to keep a basket under the sofa table filled with soft and cozy blankets.

In addition, I think of a throw blanket as a scarf for my furniture.

I feel it’s just another layer of texture and color in my fall decor.

Certainly it adds a relaxed cozy vibe to my home.

Don’t forget that blanket scarves also make great accessories on your furniture too!

Let’s stay connected!

If you’ve been following along for any time, you know that I swap out my pillow covers for each season.

Clearly, it’s a cheap way to decorate any space for fall.

Whether you purchase them or make your own, it’s certainly a cheap way to update your decor.

Another easy and free way to update the room for fall is swapping the gray bergere chairs for the blue wing-backs.

Along with the rich peacock blue color I love the cozy velvet in the fall.

Besides, they just feel so inviting by the fireplace.

Then on the sectional, blue velvet pillows along with floral pillows with the warm colors add to that Fall vibe.

I certainly love fresh beautiful greenery and flowers, however investing in affordable faux greenery that can be used year after year is easy on your budget.

This will save you money in the long run.

Along with the fact you can use it for many seasons and holidays.

That’s the case with the faux eucalyptus.

Not only do I love the color and shading, but it’s also very realistic.

Let’s not forget about the cheap fall pumpkins and gourds from the dollar store.

While initially they may look cheap and unrealistic, but with a little spray paint they are transformed into luxe decor.

What would fall be without pumpkins?

Certainly, we love to add fresh pumpkins to our fall decor.

However when we were photographing our fall decor, it was just too early in the season to get fresh pumpkins.

Of course, once they are available we will add a few fresh pumpkins to my fall decor.

Shopping local farms and markets is an affordable way to buy fresh pumpkins.

Although I don’t have fresh pumpkins just yet, we have plenty of DIY pumpkin ideas.

Like this easy finger knit pumpkin.

Another fun cheap fall decor craft are these Boho style acorns.

Decorating your front door with a Fall wreath you crafted yourself is always budget friendly.

Would you believe that this macrame pumpkin wreath started with a cheap Dollar Tree wire frame?

It’s true!

Along with being cheap to make, it goes together rather quickly.

You’ll find a tutorial for it soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Nothing says warm and cozy like a candle!

Adding candles throughout your room not only adds another layer of light, but also the glow adds an intimate comfy feel we all crave in the Fall.

Not only will you find FREE Fall printables on our website to decorate with, but a quick search on Pinterest or Google will give you hundreds, if not thousands of options.

Why not decorate your home for Fall with FREE printables?

It’s just so easy!

Just download, print and place in a frame.

Follow our Printable Wall Art board on Pinterest for more ideas.

The fireplace mantle is the perfect place to hang a simple Fall garland.

While you can find many beautiful and affordable options, creating your own is definitely more fun.

Like this simple macrame leaf garland.

The macrame leaves are a great beginner project. We will be sharing it next week on our website.

The bead garland has been used for many different seasons, by just clipping on different elements.

More DIY garland ideas:

  • Upcycle old book pages, by cutting them into leaves and create a unique garland
  • Or cut leaves from felt squares or vintage fabrics to make a creative garland
  • Last year we hung ceramic acorns on a chain for a twist on a Fall garland

Rummage through your stash of Fall decor and see what you can pull together on the cheap.

Finally, let’s not forget our sense of smell when we decorate.

Nothing says fall like the aroma of pumpkin spice baking in the kitchen.

Create your own pumpkin spice or Fall aroma with:

  • Fill a basket or bowl with a Fall scented potpourri
  • Or cinnamon pine cones
  • Light a fall scented candle
  • Diffuse Fall inspired essential oils

Are you ready to create that cozy Fall feeling in your home?

We hope you’ve been inspired to try at least one of these 10 ideas in your home to add that cozy Fall vibe.

Comment below what elements you would like to add to your Fall decor this year.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the tutorials for the macrame leaf garland and macrame pumpkin wreath.

Please PIN and share with your family and friends.

And as always here at Sunny Side Design


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