10 Creative Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles

Diane Hoffmaster
by Diane Hoffmaster

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Don't throw out empty wine bottles! These DIY wine bottle crafts and other creative ways to reuse wine bottles will help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Why buy new when you can reuse a glass bottle from home instead?

Ways to Reuse EMPTY wine bottles

What can you do with empty wine bottles? A LOT!

My nightly routine usually involves a glass of wine. No, I don't have a drinking problem, I just like wine, snacks, tv and peace and quite for 30 minutes after my kids go to bed. That means I have plenty of empty wine bottles sitting around.

I have started looking for creative ways to reuse wine bottles instead of throwing them out. Of course, I usually toss them in the recycling bin but finding new uses for old things has become a bit of an obsession for me. Why spend money on things when I can upcycle, recycle or reuse something I already have in my house? That just makes good financial sense as well as protecting our environment from unnecessary waste.

Creative Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles

If you want to reuse glass bottles, here are a few ideas that might be fun to try.

Make a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

You can turn your old wine bottles into bird feeders. Your backyard birds will thank you and if you are particularly creative and ambitious, make a ton of them and sell them at your local craft fair. Check out Chicken Street for ideas on how to make a wine bottle bird feeder.

Turn it into a DIY candy dispenser:

If you have kids or grandkids, keeping a few sweet treats on hand may be helpful. You have no idea how many M&Ms we went through while potty training! Make a wine bottle candy dispenser and keep them right there on the counter.

Learn how to make wine bottle glasses:

Last year, my son had to do a project for his Environmental Science class. He chose to upcycle a wine bottle into a drinking glass. This required cutting a wine bottle in half and while it wasn't EASY it was a great way to teach kids the lesson of making something new out of something old. Check out Turning the Clock Back for directions on how to cut a wine bottle in half with string.

Make them into a vase for flowers:

It's easy to make a wine bottle flower vase. it could be as simple as just sticking a flower in a bottle filled with water. Or, you could get crafty and paint the bottle before you add flowers.

Make a wine bottle lamp

One of the most useful ways to reuse wine bottles is to turn one into a lamp! All you need to make a wine bottle lamp is a wine bottle lamp kit which you can buy for less than $20 on Amazon. Check out this post on how to make a wine bottle lamp for directions.

Make citronella candles for the patio

Turn your wine bottles into DIY citronella candles. Just use a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch kit and citronella oil to turn your wine bottle into a bug repelling masterpiece.

Keep your boots from sagging

Tuck wine bottles upside down into your tall boots so that they'll stay upright in your closet.

Create a wine bottle centerpiece

Wine bottle centerpieces are fun to make and require very little effort. Some spray paint, decoupage letters, and simple craft supplies turning your wine bottle into an upcycled centerpiece. Check out this frugal Christmas centerpiece or just let your imagination run wild.

Design Cheap Mood lighting

Feed strands of twinkle lights into wine bottles for a beautiful year-round display.

Keep Plants Hydrated with a slow drip irrigation system

To make a slow-drip irrigation system for your plants, drill a ¼-inch hole through a cork and stopper a water-filled wine bottle. Press the whole thing neck-first into well-hydrated soil.

Finished the wine? Try these crafts and DIY ideas to upcycle, repurpose, and reuse empty glass bottles. Have any other ways to use wine bottles that you want to share?

Diane Hoffmaster
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  • Pam Pam on Feb 15, 2024

    Wine bottles are also good candlesticks, especially the squat Maderia bottles. I especially liked the multi-colored candles which drip in different colors.


    I fill my empty Wine Bottles with tap water to water my plants. It’s best to let it sit for 24 hours before you use the water. I use the bottles for starters off my plants. We decorate the bottles with old jewelry, sequins and other crafts. Thank you. I do want to learn how to cut the glass bottles. Love your site