Awesome Ideas for Repurposing Wooden Pallets

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
by Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet

Today, we are sharing some awesome ideas for repurposing wooden pallets! Maybe you have a bunch of pallets sitting around (like we do) or you found some for cheap. Or maybe you love the way they look when they are repurposed.

We have a huge stack of wood pallets sitting on the side of our property. My husband decided to repurpose it for a awesome daybed swing. But there are dozens of ideas you can try!

What I love about repurposing wooden pallets is it can save you time and money if you have the right tutorial to try.

Here are some of the best ideas you are guaranteed to love.

Awesome Ideas for Repurposing Wooden Pallets

My husband loves woodworking and has always had a knack for repurposing things. Instead of buying new lumber, he will always try to find old wood or pallets to create something first if possible. I love seeing him take something extra or rundown, and making it look new!

He has created many things around our house with wood like this coffee table DIY we shared a few years ago. He also made our outdoor pergola when we first bought our house.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for pallets we plan to do soon.

Vertical Gardens

One of the simplest and awesome ideas for repurposing wooden pallets is a vertical garden. You can spray paint the pallet any color, add a bottom to it, and use it for a vertical flower garden or herb garden.

I think this adds a beautiful look when it is propped up against a fence or garden shed. You can really get creative with this and add many vertical gardens to a space too.


Another great idea is to repurpose wooden pallets as bookshelves in the living room, magazine stands in the bathroom, or you can make a number of kitchen storage solutions by strategically placing shelves to hold everything from pots and pans to cooking ingredients and cookbooks. This tutorial from HGTV is a great way to make a simple hanging shelf from pallets. This is also a great idea for areas like garages or shops.


A great way to repurpose old pallets is to create an outdoor deck. There are dozens of ways you can create a deck with pallets. Everything from a floating deck to something intricate that is attached to your back patio too.

I think this is a great option for underneath a pergola or gazebo, even a small corner area of your yard. The possibilities are endless on creating a deck from old pallets!

Outdoor furniture

I think my favorite idea for repurposing pallets is creating some outdoor furniture! You can get really creative when making pallet furniture, and build yourself a retro-style oasis right in your backyard. Add a coat of paint and a strong finish to the furniture and top it all off with plenty of fluffy pillows for added comfort and a complete look.

This tutorial for modular outdoor seating is a great idea, and you can make it look so nice with great pillows and cushions. My husband is actually in the process of creating one of these for our house, but this DIY pallet swing day bed is another awesome idea! This particular idea requires very little deconstruction of the pallet too since you want the entire size! You can repaint it and stain it or even leave it as is for a more rustic look.

You can make a porch swing, day bed, bench, or even a tree swing for kids!

Make a DIY Headboard With Pallets

A good friend of mine made a DIY headboard for their king size bed with pallets. It looked great! There are many idea s you can find for making a headboard from pallets to fit your style. I love ones that are spaced out, but it is also neat to see people create them close together and place them in different patterns.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to repurposing wooden pallets, and rather than buying something expensive you’ll like, you can create something cheap that you will love.

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    How do you determine if the pallets are coated with toxic chemicals?