12 Easy DIY Weekend Projects to Refresh Your Home

Is your home feeling a little blah, but you do not have the time or money for a complete makeover?

Well, there are several easy DIY weekend projects you could do to boost your home's aesthetic without spending a lot of money. Here are 13 easy weekend DIY projects that you can tackle in a few hours or even minutes.

Home decor display

1. Update cabinet doors

These cabinet doors in the guest bathroom are clearly original to our 1962 house and whoever last painted them must not have used a primer.

I decided to revamp these outdated doors with some wallpaper and applied caulk on the edges and seams. I then applied primer on wood areas and painted the doors.

Cabinet knob

2. Update cabinet knobs

Adding new cabinet knobs is a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade the style and overall look of your cabinets.

I found these blue and gold bird knobs at Hobby Lobby, and I just knew I had to have them. I re-drilled through one of the old holes to attach them.


3. Add a shelf

Shelves can elevate a room's decor both functionally and aesthetically by adding visual lines, texture, and color.

I decided to install one across the top of the window in my laundry room. I used an old board from my garage, cut a few inches off, ran a few brad nails through the board and into the old window frame to secure it in place, which was enough since I am not planning to put anything heavy on it.

Then I added two thrift store shelf brackets at either end and nailed them to the underside of the board just for the look. I used a laundry sign to conceal a hole at the top center of the old window frame.

Light fitting

4. Change out glass shades

Sometimes we replace an entire light fixture when we could have just updated it with a new shade. Several years ago I bought this fixture at the Habitat Restore and gave it an industrial look, which I wanted to change now.

I found a couple vintage shades I loved, but they only came in singles, so I decided to buy them anyway and go with a mismatched look. Would you consider using mismatched shades in your home?

5. Paint a door

Painting a door is a simple and budget-friendly way to complement your decor and breathe new life into a room.

This door in my mudroom slash entryway space still had the basic white primer that comes on steel doors when you buy them, so I decided to paint it black – so practical and versatile.

I love how this turned out and now I am considering painting some of my interior doors black too.

Painting walls

6. Paint a room

We all know that painting your walls is one of the simplest and most impactful ways to improve the look and feel of a room.

Little by little, I am painting over all of the gray walls in my home with colors that make me feel cozy and happy, and green is one of those colors.

Did you know that our eyes are most sensitive to green wavelengths of light making it the easiest color for us to see?

Birds printed on the ceiling

7. Add something unexpected

I have already updated the lighting fixture in the mudroom with green paint and bird cabinet knobs, so today I am taking it a step further by stenciling some gold birds to the ceiling. I taped the stencils to the ceiling and then used a sponge dauber to pounce on the gold acrylic paint in two coats.

When I peeled off the stencil, some of the paint had bled underneath the stencil so I smoothed out the edges with a small paintbrush and more of the gold paint. I also stuck the stencil to the wall above the door with Pixie spray which is a light temporary adhesive and it worked great.

Finally, I used antiquing wax to unite the gold and green paint colors on my bird lantern.

Update switch plates

I had previously updated my kitchen switch plates with gold spray paint, and this time I did that to the ones in the mudroom. A little tip: when you are spraying the plates, be sure to paint the screws, too.


8. Use wicker baskets for storage

This mudroom was originally decorated in an industrial style, so metal bins worked perfectly, but to fit my current style better, I replaced them with a few thrift store wicker baskets. If you have kids at home, you might want to add hanging tags so everyone can help you keep the contents organized.

9. Update pillows

I loved these gray and white gingham pillow covers when I bought them, but I am going to switch them out with some sage colored ones to fit the new color scheme better.

I also covered the gray stained bench cushion with some pale green fabric. I folded the fabric over the cushion, cut it and used my sewing machine to close it.

10. Change out the old rug

The current rug in the mudroom was purchased when I was decorating with gray and red, which definitely does not go with the green paint or the toile wallpaper. So I found an inexpensive washable rug on Amazon, and I love it so far.

Thrifted decor

11. Freshen up décor with thrifted finds

Adding the final touches to a room for me means mixing in some of my thrift store finds. I attached little drawers to the wall to hold small items like keys and sunglasses.

I used just one brad nail in each drawer so that I can easily pull them off the wall when I want to change things up again.

I also installed a vintage mirror and a picture frame, and the vintage coat rack in the mudroom stayed where it belongs. I put the same vintage landscape print above it.

12. Mix in real or faux plants

I would love to use more real plants in my décor, but unfortunately this space gets so little natural light. Instead, I just bundled a few faux together with florist wire and added them in a couple of spots.

DIY weekend projects

I hope you will give these weekend DIY projects a try. Which one is your favorite? What do you normally do when you want to switch up your home décor a little bit? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Gbe69776730 Gbe69776730 on May 04, 2024
    Good ideals , thanks for sharing. I am going to get some baskets and look for an old mailbox to work into my things. I love the birds painted on the ceiling.