How to Make Simple Dollar Tree DIYs That Look High-End

by Simplify

Liz Fenwick is at it again! She’s revealing how anyone can jump on the latest trend—creating high-end pieces at home with just a few simple materials and little upfront cost. These Dollar Tree DIYs are impressive to say the least, so don’t miss out.

Driven by her two loves, premium home decor and saving money, Liz has fashioned a new hobby out of completing unique Dollar Tree DIY projects you have to see for yourself. These aren’t your typical DIY Dollar Tree crafts either. The items Liz is showing off today look pretty pricey. And no one would ever guess you made them by yourself.

Glass bowl

First up, Liz uses two mid-tone wood-colored wreaths, plywood, stain, a foam brush, e6000 glue, and faux leather to create a gorgeous tray. She then styled her tray with a small plant and a white candle, giving it that designer look for next to nothing.

The second DIY Dollar Tree Decor project Liz undertook was creating two mushroom home decor pieces of various sizes. Using two glass bowls, two glass vases, and e6000 glue, she was able to copy a 2023 home decor trend she had seen on Pinterest. And all for much less than she would pay by purchasing them from a high-end retailer.

After that, Liz started a third Dollar Tree DIY. This time, she made a weathered decor piece with a mini broom, vase, and acrylic paint. Using a unique painting technique and the items previously listed, she gave a modern facelift to an old, thrifted vase.

Next on her list of Dollar Tree DIYs, Liz turned three eco-friendly pencil organizers into a large marker storage case with strips of faux leather and hot glue.

Dollar Tree DIYs

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