Genius Dollar Tree Hacks That Everyone Should Know

by Simplify

If you are looking for ways to organize or decorate your house on a budget, Dollar Tree carries some great products that can be used creatively. Glue Guns & Roses YouTube channel shares Dollar Tree hacks that are easy to implement and save a ton of space, time, and money.

To light up a dark area outside your house, stab a broomstick handle into the ground and shove a $1 solar light onto the broomstick handle. Another use for broomsticks is setting up a temporary clothesline to dry clothes. On that note, If you need a clothes rod, get a double garden hook and a 62-cent dowel rod from Walmart.

Over-the-door hooks are great for outside as well as inside: you can hang towels, outdoor toys, or gardening tools. Felt pads will keep your cabinets from slamming and your trays from scratching the surface of the table. Cardholders are cheap and work just fine to hold your phone upright.

Pool noodles are an awesome replacement for floral foam. You can also cut them up and fill an old bean chair with them. They are also great on the bottom of planters.

Dollar Tree hacks

To decorate a planter, wrap it with Poly Rope and fixate it with super glue. Dollar Tree also offers beautiful plant hangers. Dollar Tree caulk, sand, and spray paint can also make for excellent decorations for planters, as well as lamps, vases, bowls, or nearly anything else.

Finally, you can turn hula hoops into huge wreaths by wrapping garland around them, and it will be so much cheaper than any other Christmas wreath that size.

Dollar Tree hacks

Hopefully, These DIY dollar tree hacks will be useful for you and you will implement some into your own life. Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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To see more videos, check out the Glue Guns & Roses YouTube channel.

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  • Jay Haasjes Jay Haasjes on Jul 23, 2023

    When winter comes, pool noodles are great for insulating water pipes, both inside and outside the house.