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Are you looking for some new home decor ideas to freshen up your space? Are you doing a remodel or just looking for some new accessories to freshen up your home? Whether your style is farmhouse, modern, traditional or eclectic this post is for you. I will show you ideas for home decor to create a stunning home. Ideas from an inviting entryway to creating a beautiful kitchen, dining and living room. And let’s not forget ideas for a cozy bedroom and a luxurious bathroom.

Is your home feeling a little tired? Is it in need of a refresh? Today I would like to share simple and easy ways to freshen up a space in your home and make it affordable, after all we are all on a budget! Sometimes it’s just one or two changes that can really transform a space.

We created a collection of ideas for home decor that are on a budget from Walmart. I know, I know it’s not a place you think about for beautiful home decor. But let me share a secret, there are so many beautiful home decor items online, much more than you will find in your local store.

Corral Clutter with Stylish Storage

One of the first things to freshen up your home is to add storage. Clutter is the antithesis to a beautiful and cozy home.

There are so many stylish storage options available these days. For instance these fun farmhouse style wire baskets not only look terrific in the mudroom but are so practical. There is a spot for everyone in the family to keep their stuff organized. And you guessed it, they are available at Walmart. (in store only)

This mudroom has so much storage with space that Steph is also able to keep some of her extra home decor here in these beautiful storage boxes from Ikea.

Storage baskets, boxes and containers can be used in every room in your home. From keeping the toys organized in the playroom, to beautiful storage in the bathroom. You can never have too many cute storage containers.

Ideas for home decor - create a beautiful vignette with trays

Styled trays have to be my most favorite way of creating a beautiful vignette. They can be used in the bathroom to contain bathroom necessities as well as decor. Not to mention in the living room on the coffee table as well as in the kitchen and dining room.

In the kitchen they are terrific to create a beautiful vignette of cooking supplies, like oils, vinegars and utensils.

A dining table looks amazing with a tray with candles, fresh flowers and stacked plates. Just remember as you layer in items on a tray, keep varying heights and textures.

Freshen up wall decor

One of my favorite quick and easy ideas for custom home decor is to frame photography. It creates amazing one of a kind wall art. Mount in a simple frame with a white mat to let the photography shine.

Using large size art, can help create a focal point if your room is lacking one. Other ideas for large scale home decor would be to add a large vintage window. Not only will it add interest to a room, but the weathered and worm finish will add a bit of rustic charm.

Decorating with mirrors is a great way to add personality to a room, not to mention a little drama. They are a good way to brighten up a room by reflecting light, as well as make a room feel larger, airier and brighter.

A mirror can turn even the smallest spot into a warm and inviting welcome when friends enter the home.

Wanting to perk up a gallery wall? Try adding a few mirrors. It will make it sparkle.

Layering mirrors on the mantle along with greenery can really freshen up your living room.

Why not try adding a collection of mirrors on a dark hallway or stairway?

Ideas for Home Decor - Add Mirrors

No collection of ideas for home decor using mirrors would be complete without a beautiful framed mirror in the bathroom.

Create an accent wall

Creating an accent wall is one of the least expensive ideas for adding home decor to a room. An accent wall could simply be just a fantastic color or the addition of panels, like board and batten to add a visual interest. Even the addition of the popular farmhouse look of shiplap adds a lot of texture to a room.

What about trying a peel and stick wallpaper? There are some amazing wallpaper patterns that would truly elevate a space.

Maybe if you don’t want to make a commitment such as wallpaper, try your hand at a Brushstroke Accent Wall like Jessica at My Style Vita has done. It looks absolutely amazing!

Ideas for Home Decor - Add Window coverings

Are your window coverings looking a bit frumpy? We believe that every window needs some sort of dressing. It can dramatically change the way a room feels.

Floor to ceiling draperies will make a room feel larger, by elongating the wall and make it feel up to date and modern.

Layering on different window coverings, blinds, or shades with curtains or draperies add interest as well as functionality.

Window treatments have been around for centuries (and aren’t going anywhere soon), so give them a try in your own home. With multiple types, styles, and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find something what’s perfect for your space.

Add style with a rug

Another easy idea for home decor and a way to bring a little personality into a room is to add an area rug. Area rugs are great throughout the home!

They can cozy up a bedroom, add style to a dining room or living room and feel good on your feet.

Adding an area rug will add your own unique style and personality to your space! You can also hide carpet stains, protect solid wood floors, or buffer noise by adding a rug.

Ideas for Home Decor - Refresh Lighting

It’s amazing what updating your light fixtures can do for a space. Suddenly the room feels fresh and new and adds instant character to the room.

If you have dated light fixtures that are screaming for an update, we’ve got some ideas that will totally transform your home and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Adding a new light fixture is like adding that perfect jewelry to an outfit. It completes the room.

A quick change of a lampshade is so inexpensive and yet can really make an old lamp feel new.

Ideas for Home Decor - Shelfie Styling

Update shelves by emptying completely, clearing out old dated items, or items that have been there for many years.

Begin by placing the largest items towards the bottom of shelves. Place some books upright between bookends, while placing others horizontal. Use books to ground objects.

Incorporate larger, taller, vertical pieces like artwork, photos, and trays. Remember: less larger items always tend to look better than a lot of smaller items.

Then soften it up with round shapes like vases, jars and bowls. This is also a great opportunity to mix in real or faux greenery and flowers. It gives the overall look a softer feel.

Cozy Up with Pillow and Blanket Throws

Looking for an inexpensive and quick way to refresh your living room or bedroom? Try adding new pillows. Decorative pillows are a must for any living room or bedroom. They can make a room look cozy, elegant or modern.

My all time favorite idea for a home decor refresh is to change the pillows and throw blankets. I have accumulated quite a collection of pillow covers, which makes it easy and affordable to change up my decor.

Give it a try and see what it can do for your room.

Thanks for spending some time with us! We hope you’ve been inspired to freshen up a spot or two in your home. Please share with us what changes you make in your home.

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