Follow Along With My Budget-Friendly Patio Makeover

I’m going to talk all about Dollar Tree DIYs to create a brand new patio whether you have a tiny budget or tiny space.

Let’s see how much we can save by creating some simple patio decor with things from Dollar Tree. Then we’ll compare how much it would cost for similar items found on Amazon.

Pizza pan

1. Side tables

Let’s start with a simple patio table. It requires three items: a pizza pan, a stool, and epoxy.

Metal chargers
I wanted this table to be extra sturdy so I went to my thrift store and found these sturdy metal chargers.

Spray painting chargers
DIYing outdoor table

I spray painted them black (not necessary).

DIYing outdoor table
I used the epoxy to secure the tops to the stools. I also used bricks to secure everything while drying.

Amazon outdoor table
A nearly identical outdoor stool on Amazon cost $33.

DIY outdoor table
But my table creation cost under $10.

Gathering materials
Garden rake
Garden shovel

2. Garden tools

Dollar Tree has a mix-and-match garden tool set and storage system that allows you to screw on one handle to any of the tools. I used these to transplant some plants and I love this long handle. It’s great for mobility issues.

The tools are great but they are not extremely sturdy, they do bend back. But they would be ideal for a tiny garden or if you don’t have a lot of room to store garden tools. I recommend the rake option but I would not recommend the shovel option.

Gardens tools
Here’s the storage rack for the set.

Amazon garden tools
Here’s a similar one on Amazon.

Solar light
Solar light
Solar light
Solar light

3. Solar lights

These lights are less than where you would pay in most other places. Every year Dollar Tree releases new styles.

Solar hook lantern

4. Hanging lanterns

People rave about these hanging lanterns. They are super cute and come with their own hook. These make a big splash on a tiny budget.

Just remember to activate the solar function on the lanterns by turning the cap, removing the orange tab, and replacing the cap.

Garden lanterns
Garden lanterns
Garden lantern
We were able to line her back patio and walk with lanterns. By night they make a beautiful display.

Garden lanterns on Amazon
As you can see these lanterns on Amazon cost a lot more.


5. Table lamps and lanterns

If you have a Dollar Tree Plus, you’ll find these lanterns that sell for $5. I love the flickering light.

Lantern on Amazon
They cost a lot more on Amazon.


6. Outdoor welcome mat

I am picky about these outdoor mats. I have bought a few made from coir and they have shed and fallen apart. Others don’t stay put in the wind.

Mat on Amazon
$5 mat
In the Dollar Tree Plus section, you’ll find sturdy, heavy mats for $5 that compare to much higher price points on Amazon.

Spray paint
Spray painting a chair
Spray painting a chair

7. Outdoor chairs

Buying brand new patio chairs was not in the budget so I tried this new Rust-Oleum spray paint that comes with different nozzle sizes for seats and armrests.

These types of mesh chairs take spray paint really well and look like brand-new pieces of furniture.

$6 chair
Chair on Amazon
Compare my DIY chair to one on Amazon.

Outdoor rug
Outdoor pillow

8. Outdoor rugs and pillows

Buying an outdoor rug is one of the best things you can do to jazz up your outdoor space. I will compare what I found at Michael’s to what I found at Walmart.

Outdoors seats
This first look is a bit bold and bright from Michael’s. This brightens up what was a pretty drab patio.

Outdoor pillows
Outdoor seats
We found a similar rug at Walmart with a similar price point but it was smaller than Michael’s. But it’s tough to beat Walmart’s prices for outdoor pillows ($5 each). Here’s another look with yellow pillows.

Spray painting a bowl

9. Trendy planter

Terra cotta planters painted white or neutral are trendy this year. I found a pot I already had and spray-painted it to update it to this year’s trend.

Planting up a pot
I planted a citronella plant to see if it works to keep mosquitos away.

$6 plant pot
I love the citrusy smell. I added water-resistant silk flowers to make the plant look attractive.

Amazon plant
With our little hack of spray painting the pot, we saved over $20.

Hummingbird feeders
Hummingbird feeder on Amazon
Hummingbird feeder

10. Bird feeder

Dollar Tree’s signature hummingbird feeders for $1.25 cost so much less than one on Amazon for $20.

Spray painting bird feeder
Bird feeder
Here’s a cute lattice cutout bird feeder from Michael’s that I spray-painted white.

Before photo of patio
Power washing patio
Patio before

This was the before photo of our back patio. We love to sit out here in the morning for coffee. Before putting anything on the patio, I first cleaned it off.

Sitting outdoors with the dog
Outdoor seat

Here is our gorgeous patio update. Our DIY patio redo saved us over $300!

Patio makeover

There you have it! You can create a special retreat on a teeny tiny budget even if you have a very small space. Let me know what you think in the comments here.

Next, check out these Dollar Tree Organization Hacks to Make Decluttering a Breeze.

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    Why haven’t you shown us a full view of your made over patio. I’m sure it looks lovely. Don’t be shy - be proud!