8 Pottery Barn Knockoffs You Can Easily DIY at Home

by Simplify

Kathryn, from Do It On A Dime, is at it again. And this time she’s showing viewers how to furnish their homes with decor that looks super high-end but doesn’t come with the same shocking price tags.

With the Pottery Barn knockoffs she’s pointing out today, anyone’s home can look straight out of this season’s catalog and for far less.

The first Pottery Barn dupe she’s excited to share with you today is white textured bedding. Trending at the moment, white textured bedding comes in all types of visually-appealing patterns and a surprising $800 investment.

But Kathryn found similar bedding at Target and recommends layering two brands to achieve the same look. With a Threshold duvet at just $60 and a Casaluna throw blanket for around the same price, you can mimic the Pottery Barn look for pennies.

Other Pottery Barn dupes Kathryn is scouting out this season include sherpa throw pillows with rabbits that virtually match the ones you’d see at Pottery Barn, amber spray bottles from the dollar section to make your own linen spray out of water and essential oils, and jersey sheets.

How to create Pottery Barn bedding dupes at home

Kathryn also reveals just how easy it is to refill the bed pillows you already have at home with memory foam. Perfect for back or side sleepers, adding memory foam gives your pillows new life and keeps you comfortable.

All of the Pottery Barn furniture dupes Kathryn recently discovered allow you to continue using many of the items you already have at home and just spruce them up a bit to stay on trend.

Pottery Barn knockoffs

Anyone can create a picture-perfect look at home with some creativity and the genius Pottery Barn knock-offs shared with you today. Kathryn is happy to keep coming back with fresh new ideas you’re sure to love because, after all, you should adore the home you live in.

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To see more videos, check out the Do It On A Dime YouTube channel.

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