Large Family Hacks - 10+ Ways to Run Your Home Like a Boss

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Large family living definitely requires thinking things through and there’s a level of organization that needs to be achieved to make sure things in the house run smoothly. If there is no forethought put into managing the home, life turns into a hot mess express in the blink of an eye when you’re managing a brood of young children. As a mom of 7, I’ve had to work in some large family hacks. I’ve learned a lot the hard way, so if you’re reading this article, try some of these things to save you a headache!

Large Family Bathroom Organization

Toothbrush holder – This toothbrush holder has been amazing for my kids! It fits right on to the mirror, holds three cups, toothpaste, and multiple toothbrushes. Right now, my oldest three kids share one holder and I keep the youngest kids’ toothbrushes in my bathroom since I still help them brush their teeth. When they are brushing on their own, I will purchase another one.

Keeping the toothbrushes off the counter makes the bathroom less messy and I prefer the toothpaste be kept out of the drawers. Bonus, the holder comes off the mirror for cleaning.

Towel holder – I just implemented this system because I was tired of my kids going through at least 10-15 towels in a few days. I hung a large coat rack over the bathroom door. There are six hooks on this one. Each child has their own towel. They are to use it and put it back on the rack to dry and be used again. I wash the towels every few days to keep them fresh. Mama ain’t got time to wash loads of towels with all the rest of our laundry every day.

Large Family Shoe Organization

Shoes can get out of control fast! Here’s what we do. I have a dedicated shoe bench located next to our front door and a basket to collect loose socks. I’m always finding socks in weird places. We keep our kids’ shoe collection simple. Each child gets sandals for the summer, tennis shoes for winter (we don’t live in a climate where snow boots are necessary), a pair of church shoes, and now that we are working on our mini homestead, each child will get a pair of outdoor boots.

Speaking of the outdoor boots, I’m purchasing a boot rack to keep on our porch by the door so they never come inside.

Older children may decide they want other shoes as gifts or to purchase with their own money. They are responsible for keeping up with those shoes in their closets.

When you have a lot of feet going in and out of your house all day, a good entryway mat is imperative! I recently purchased this Waterhog mat and I love it! It traps so much dirt, which means that dirt is not going into my home. I highly recommend it.

Large Family Kitchen Hacks

The room that gets the most use in our home by far is the kitchen. I could dedicate an entire post, but I’ll give you three of my favorite kid kitchen hacks today.

Use Corelle dishes. We love Corelle because it is thin and stacks well. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe and hard to break. My kids have broken so many plates and bowls over the years, and Corelle holds up a lot better. Be warned, though, when it does break, it shatters.

My other tip is to use stainless steel cups like these with color bands. Each kid gets one cup that can be identified by the band and they have to use it all day. I’m still training my kids with this, but I’m tired of 50 cups in the sink every day!

Place a command strip on the back of the high chair to store bibs, and use those wipeable bibs with a catch, too. You can easily clean, dry, and place them back on the back of the high chair so you won’t have to search for a bib at baby’s next meal time!

Large Family Mom Hacks

There are a couple of ways you can make things easier on yourself, Mama!

Use a diaper backpack. I resisted the diaper backpack for years, but I’m so glad I finally purchased this one. I keep my wallet and personal items in it, along with some emergency snacks for the kids, diapers, wipes, extra onesies, and all the other things I need. I can throw it on my back and both my hands are free for wrangling kids!

Keep a hair care station in the bathroom, a main living area, and in the car (or your diaper bag that always goes with you). You won’t have to go far to find a brush and hair tie when your daughter’s hair gets wild!

Finally, keep diapers and wipes in multiple areas of the house. Now that we have a two story home, this one is really important. I have a drawer dedicated to diapers and wipes in my bedroom, but I keep a diaper caddy downstairs with wipes, diapers, and rash cream. I don’t have to go upstairs every time the baby needs a change!

I hope some of these ideas were helpful to you and can make your life a little easier! Got any hacks of your own? Share in the comments!

Joanie | Simple Living Mama
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  • Wwh21569915 Wwh21569915 on Mar 09, 2023

    Kid-free here but I remember my mom having these type of management tools when I was a kid. Brought back childhood memories reading through this. Highly recommend multi-stations such as hair care, electronic basket for cords & chargers and simple office supply caddies with pens, sharpie marker, tape and scissors in every home. Those items seem to walk! 😉