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Ready for a challenge to motivate you to get more out of your holiday season? In just a few weeks, the holiday season will begin. This year, people are going all out to make up for last year. By doing this, it is more critical than ever to plan out your holiday season. This challenge will help you create a plan, get your home ready, and make the most of this holiday season. Below is a list of posts that will assist you in making this holiday season less stressful and more enjoyable.


Organizing Your Holiday Traditions Tips: This post shares how to manage your holiday traditions. This includes a FREE checklist to use to organize your traditions.

holiday tradition checklist

Super Easy Shopping Holiday Time Saving Tips: This post talks about four time-saving tips while getting your shopping tasks done this holiday season. We talk about ways to save money too!

Example Customized grocery list

Seven Tips to Make Your Holidays More Relaxing: This post talks about 7 tips to make your holidays more relaxing. We need to practice self-care during the holidays, especially when we are busy.

How to Make the Holidays Less Stressful: This post talks about six solutions to keep your holidays organized. We talked about car organization and how it is important to keep your car organized during this time of year, especially when you are planning to travel.

HOLIDAY TIPS TO MAXIMIZE FUN AND MINIMIZE STRESS: This post shares tips from other professional organizers and me, from getting help to organizing your holiday decorations to streamlining your time doing tasks and maximizing the time with family.

HOW TO GET YOUR HOME READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS IN 14 DAYS: This post will give you guidelines to help you get ready for holiday parties.


Wrapping Paper Organizing – Revisited: This post is about how you can organize your gift bags and paper easily with simple organizing supplies.

What to Keep in Your Wrapping Paper Station: This post gives you a list of items that need to be nearby to make the process easier and quicker.

Things to Have in Your Wrapping Gifts Zone

How to Create an Organized Wrapping Paper Zone: This post shows you step-by-step instructions on how to make a well-organized gift area that hangs over the door. And, it is great for small homes and apartments. I updated it recently to add label dividers I made on my Cricut machine.

Now that your home is organized for the holidays, you may be planning to have Thanksgiving at your home too. This section shares all our Thanksgiving holiday organizing posts.


Five Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving: This post talks about how to get your home ready for the holidays.

7 Easy Thanksgiving Time Saving Tips to Make Your Party a Huge Success: In this post, I share my tips from doing Thanksgiving for over 20+ years.

Thanksgiving Party Planning Tips Made Easy: This post helps make your planning for Thanksgiving a breeze. I share how I made my grocery list for this holiday.

food from spreadsheet

Now that your planning is ready for the holidays, how about doing a little extra? Below are a few of our DIY Projects you can do to make your home extra special.

DIY Projects

15 CREATIVE HOLIDAY CARD ORGANIZATION IDEAS: This post shares how to display your holiday cards if you get them and how to use them after the holiday is over.

6 Easy DIY Home Update You Can Do Before the Holidays: This post talks about different tasks you can do now to freshen up your home for company this year.

I hope these posts help you get motivated to organize your holiday. Would you please come back after the holiday and let us know which planning tip worked best for you and your family?

Now it is your turn; I would love to hear what your favorite traditions are this time of year. Please share in the comment section below.

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