The Best Backyard Ideas on a Budget

by Simplify

If you’ve ever looked at a home design picture in a magazine of a stunning outdoor space, and thought, “I want that,” well… maybe you can have it. Sometimes outdoor spaces look luxurious, maximalist, and expensive, but there’s a way to fit all that luxury and beauty into any size outdoor space and into any budget.

Check out these backyard ideas on a budget for ways to give your backyard a cozy, classy makeover.

The first tip is to carve out a conversation area. It can be as small as just putting two chairs together in a shady nook (you can create your own shade with a patio umbrella), or, if you have a large space and budget, you can add a loveseat, a sofa, or a small coffee table.

Now, it’s time to bring the conversation area to the next level. Find an area rug that fits your color scheme and lay it out by your sitting area. This backyard idea on a budget is a super low-maintenance upgrade.

Another great addition to a conversation area is a water feature. The sounds of water bubbling and moving are so relaxing. There are inexpensive water fountains that you can easily and quickly place in your backyard.

A hammock is another way to make your backyard a place to relax and unwind. There are so many hammocks on the market, and many don’t even need you to have a tree, since they come with their own freestanding bases.

Hammocks are great for unwinding, but what about when you want your backyard a little dressed up? Set up your backyard table with linen…china…the works. Make it formal and inviting.

Backyard in need of a makeover

Backyards can be ideal for conversation, unwinding, and formal events. They are also great for family night. Projector screens are an inexpensive add that turns your backyard into a home theater for movie nights. The best part is that you can set them up literally anywhere.

It's never too early for a cocktail. Build a makeshift bar. All you need is a surface area. A cart on wheels is a great option that makes your bar portable.

Another luxury upgrade is a garden path. You can DIY a garden path with pea gravel or stepping stones. A fire pit is also luxurious, cozy, and romantic. You can easily find a budget-friendly fire pit. Surround it with lounge chairs, and you have a cozy evening around the fire.

When it comes to decorating your space, consider going bold with black and white summer stripes. Limit the pattern to one key area so you don’t overwhelm the space. Or go orange. It’s a bright, bold, fun, and energetic color that pairs well with neutrals.

Backyard ideas on a budget

Hopefully, these backyard ideas on a budget can help you make your space beautiful, fun, and functional. Which idea was your favorite? Drop a comment and let us know.

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