11 Dollar Tree Organization Hack Solutions

I have new Dollar Tree organization hacks for you today. From storage cubes to garden organizers, you can stay organized on a budget. Let's look at the best organizing items I've found at Dollar Tree recently.

Storage cubes

1. Storage cubes

Dollar Tree is giving us some new styles for storage cubes. The higher-end, sturdier ones are $3 in the Dollar Tree Plus section. The new patterned gray ones look very high-end in the $1.25 section.

Fridge organizers

2. Fridge organizers

These new Dollar Tree Lucite refrigerator organizing drawers are a great buy. I'm using them to organize my laundry area.

They fit really well with Dollar Tree's wire shelves, but you can use them in drawers in your refrigerator or really to organize anywhere.

They're sturdy and an excellent buy for $1.25.

Spring bags

3. Spring bags

These new spring bags are so beautiful and so large, great for organizing and for keeping in your car.

Wire racks
Planter boxes

4. Wire racks

I love the beautiful new spring colors on the wire racks. You can use one of these racks to organize and display your jewelry, especially if you have an awkward-sized closet or just a little space that you think you could use more efficiently.

5. Planter boxes

These make a great storage option, especially for the tops of shelves, either camouflaged or stacked on top of each other with these long rectangular trays.

Desk accessories

6. Desk accessories

There's something about checking a box on a to-do list that makes a huge difference, and Dollar Tree is giving us some of these new to-do list pads, as well as the Jot Brand Acrylic Desk Organizer.

Garden accessories

7. Garden accessories

Dollar Tree has some beautiful planters this year. It's a French country theme with their new pots. Dollar Tree also has these little wheeled carts in three different colors. It makes it so easy for you to wheel your plants from one location to another.

Garden accessories

One thing I'll be stocking up on is liners.

They're made to fit in the wire plant holders, but they're so shallow that any plant you put in there will probably dry out really quickly.

Planter lining

The lining from Dollar Tree fits my vintage wire planter perfectly if I cut it to size, and it's about half the price I would spend at the garden center.

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get your seeds started, go over to the kid's section, where they sell toys, and purchase one of the pong games.

Plant pots

Now, we won't be needing that ball, but we're going to make planters from these three pots for just pennies on the dollar.

I made drainage holes using the heated tip of my glue gun. Just make sure that those holes are sturdy enough for the water to pass through, and don't push too hard on the bottom of these. The plastic is very brittle, and it will break. Next, you're just going to want to add soil and seeds.

8. Windowsill garden

I'm going to show you a hack for a windowsill garden. If you'd love to have a garden but don't have any space for one, pick up one of these small greenhouses, some seed starting medium, and some microgreens.

Seed starting greenhouse

You'll want to start with the little greenhouse.

This is a new product to me. It's a soil medium that comes compressed, and then as you add water, it expands to produce quite a bit of soil, much more than you will need for the project I'm making.

Follow the instructions and break up that compressed soil until it expands. Put some in your little greenhouse and add the microgreen seeds. I have seen some seed activity since I planted this, and it's only been three days.

So that you know, that lid is flimsy. You may want to tape it on, but it does the job of keeping that moisture inside and creating a tiny greenhouse.

Window boxes

9. Window boxes

I've had great luck planting Dollar Tree lettuce seeds in these shallow window boxes that my husband mounted on our fence using simple Dollar Tree brackets.

I write the kind of lettuce it is; the first date I put is the date I planted it, and then the second date I put in the days to the earliest harvest.

So this one says 40 days, so I know I planted it today, but if it's not sprouting by March 19th, something is probably not good with that plant, and I should start over with something else.

So this is really helpful to me because it keeps me from being too impatient.

Solar lights

10. Solar lights

Dollar Tree solar lights are hard to beat for the price. If you love to create fairy gardens for yourself or someone else in your life, Dollar Tree is the place to stock up. They are giving us beach-themed vibes this year with all their new fairy garden ideas.

Hanging planters

11. Hanging planters

Dollar Tree is the best place to buy these giant Easter eggs, but I'm going to show you an alternative idea on how to use these.

If you love the look of the high-end hanging planters but hate the price, you'll need a Dollar Tree Easter egg, a heat tool, and a hanging planter chain.

Paint that egg whatever color you like, and then burn holes at even intervals on the top part of that egg. String the hanging chain through the holes, and then hang it from a hook and place the bottom part of that egg in a drainage tray. Now, you have a beautiful planter at a fraction of the cost.

DIY cake plate

12. DIY cake plate

Dollar Tree's party section is a hidden gem for saving so much money, and I'm going to show you how to create a really simple, affordable cake plate. Wrap a plastic tray in any color along with a set of two fluted bowls.

Trace around the outside edge of that tray onto any wrapping paper. I like to use metallic because it repels water and any grease from food.

This is super easy after you've removed the labels. Just use a glue gun to attach that tray to the bowl, and you have a gorgeous cake stand.

DIY cake plate

For a more dramatic effect, you can vary the heights of your trays by gluing two bowls together and then attaching that plastic tray to the top.

DIY cake plate

To make those trays really high-end, we're going to glue our metallic wrapping paper to the top, taking the time to smooth out those edges.

Now, all you'll do is put a bead of hot glue on the line on the inside of that tray. It will make a perfect circle, and when you press the paper down, it will create a beautiful ruffled edge.

Dollar Tree organization hacks

I hope these Dollar Tree organization hacks help you get organized on a budget. What organizing tips do you have using Dollar Tree items? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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