How to Use a Shower Caddy to Organize Things in Your Home

If you are anything like me, you stay at the Dollar Tree. And even though the price went from $1 to $1.25, you still know that $1.25 is a great deal for most items they have at the store. If you see a particular item, you have to snatch it up or it will be gone.

I saw a whole pile of these shower caddies last and I bought a bunch of them. I found five different uses for the shower caddy in different places in my home. Here are my ideas:

How to use a shower caddy

1. Hang it inside shelving units

There are many other uses for a shower caddy, rather than just keeping it on the neck of the shower. I haven’t used it for that purpose in over ten years.

Instead, I attached some hooks to the side of my shelving unit and hung a few rolls of vinyl that I use with my Cricut, along with some different tapes that I use for crafting.

Other uses for a shower caddy

2. Use it to store pot lids

I took another caddy and, by folding the hanging part all the way back and bending the bar and shelves upwards, I was able to use it to store my pot lids on the inside of my cabinet doors.

Alternative shower caddy uses

3. Turning a shower caddy into a bedside holder

You can also bend the top part back 90 degrees and slip it under your mattress as a bedside caddy to hold your books, your phone, or any other items you want close to the bed.

Shower caddy spice rack

4. Use a caddy as a spice rack

You can cut off the hanging part altogether and hang the caddy in your kitchen to store the spices you use most often.

Different uses for a shower caddy

5. Make a desk drawer

You can go a step further and cut off all the little bars out of the shelves with wire cutters, and hang it under a desk, along with a tray (I got this one from Dollar Tree years ago). It fits perfectly and works really well as a desk drawer.

How to use a shower caddy

All these shower caddy uses for one inexpensive item! There’s no telling what you can come up with when you decide to spend less and create more.

What creative uses have you found for your shower caddies or other Dollar Store items? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Lynn Lynn on Apr 07, 2024

    Very Creative! Thanks so much!

  • Alice Alice on Apr 19, 2024

    I needed a spice rack. Will use this idea to declutter my spices and throw out old ones. Thank You!