Simple & Creative Kitchen Organization Ideas on a Budget

by Simplify

Today, LGQueen Home Decor is embarking on a home organization mission to declutter her mom’s kitchen. Her goal is to use creative kitchen organization ideas to make the room more functional and organized as a special treat for mom.

Here are her top kitchen organization ideas that you can use in your home kitchens as well.

Firstly, clean out under the sink and disinfect those surfaces. Lay down a new under-sink mat and some plastic organizers to hold the cleaning essentials like brushes, sprays, dishwasher pods, gloves, sponges, and disinfectants.

A Cricut Joy is a great tool for people who appreciate organized, aesthetic spaces. You can create beautiful labels for storage containers. There are also other kitchen organization products that can make cleaning a joy, like a wipe holder that makes grabbing Clorox cleaning wipes easier.

Kitchen organization ideas

A knife block is a useful kitchen counter tool as it keeps knives organized and accessible. You can also find plastic organizers that are optimized for storing teas and neat little glass jars with labels for holding dry goods like pasta. Don’t forget to add a pretty Cricut label to all your organizers.

Some other ways to make the kitchen truly sparkle are to neatly stack pots and pans, and use labeled glass containers for spices. Add some pot lights and other recessed lighting fixtures to the cabinets and a pretty runner to the floor to make the kitchen look even more special.

Kitchen organization ideas

The kitchen is a heavily used space and can get cluttered easily. Do yourself the favor of reorganizing your kitchen. What are your favorite kitchen organization ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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