Free Kitchen Organization Ideas You Can Start Using Today

by Simplify

Kitchen organization ideas are plentiful on the internet. But, let’s face it, some of them will work in your home, and some of them will not. Just like everyone else, you don’t want to waste a bunch of time, energy, and money on products that aren’t worth it to you.

Thankfully, Christine from Frugal Fit Mom is willing to share some free house-organizing tips that you’ll actually use starting today.

According to Christine, home organization starts with unwrapping and washing the new products you’ve purchased for your home. Keep in mind that many of the acrylic or wood DIY organizers are not dishwasher safe, so you’ll want to wash and dry them by hand.

Next, it’s time to put some no-cost DIY organization hacks into play and the most effective one of those is decluttering your kitchen drawers and cabinets as you go.

Take out every item and donate, sell, or trash anything you don’t really need. If you use it less than once per year, get rid of it. If you use it less than once per month, feel free to store these items elsewhere if need be.

How to organize a messy kitchen

Now that everything is cleared out and easily accessible, it’s much easier to clean out the interiors of your cabinets and drawers as well as wash any of the storage containers you already have. Once everything is clean and dry, you’ll be ready to reassemble the entire kitchen.

To do so, take an inventory of all the organization products you have as well as the kitchen-related items that need to be stored. Look for the best ways to organize the products you plan to keep and increase your access to them.

Kitchen organization ideas

Of course, Christine’s kitchen organization ideas don’t just end there. Up next, she shows you how to tackle your pantry using many of these same techniques.

For more kitchen organization ideas, discover these fridge-organizing hacks or this guide on how to organize your kitchen on a budget.

To see more videos, check out the Frugal Fit Mom YouTube channel.

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