Rubber Band Hacks That Will Make Life Just a Little Easier!

by Marina

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Who knew that a little loop of rubber could come in handy in so many different ways. You will find plenty of ways to utilize those nifty rubber bands lying around the house- some nifty rubber band hacks that will help make things just a little more convenient!

Genius Ways to Use Rubber Bands

Save that soap!:

Have a little one around and you want to limit how much soap comes out. Wrap a rubber band around the neck of the dispenser, this will keep it from being pushed all the way down, and make less soap come out.

Baby proof cabinet doors:

You don’t need for those baby proof cabinet locks for your double door cabinet or tv stand to arrive. Simply grab a rubber band and loop it around the doorknobs on either door to hold the same shut.


Wrap rubber bands around each end of the hanger, and this will help prevent shirts and blouses from slipping off the ends.

Paint Brush Scraper:

Place a rubber band around the center of a gallon paint can, and use it to wipe off the extra paint on a paintbrush. The excess paint will drip right back into the can.

Lid Opener:

Have a lid you can’t get open, wrap a rubber band around the lid. It will provide a good grip and make opening the can a lot easier.

Mark Glasses:

Take colored rubber bands and wrap around the base of a glass, to mark whose glass is whose. Each person will get a different color. Or you can attach a little piece of paper with their name.

Pack Clothes Tightly:

Roll up your shirts, sweaters, pants, and then wrap in rubber bands. With will make them nice and snug and give you more room in your luggage.

Stabilize Cutting Boards:

Have a cutting board that slips around on the counter. Wrap a rubber band around each side of the cutting board to add grip to the counter. It will keep it in place when you are chopping away.

Give More Room in Pants:

If your pants need a little bit more room to fit your belly in, great for those who are pregnant, try this tip. Secure a rubber band around the button, and the hoop, so you don’t have to actually button your pants. It will give you a little bit more room in your pants.

Keep Spoon From Slipping in Pan:

When you are cooking and go to stir a dish, and then set the spoon on the side of the pan, and it slips down. Wrap a rubber band around the spatula or spoon and when you put it to the side of the pan, it will grip and not fall in.

Crockpot Tip:

If you are taking your crockpot to say a potluck, and want to keep the lid on. Wrap a rubber band around each handle and then wrap around the center of the lid, to keep it locked down. This will help prevent any spills.

Apple from Browning:

If you slice up an apple, wrap a rubber band around the apple to secure it, and it will prevent it from browning. Keep this in mind the next time you have to pack an apple in that lunchbox. (Have you tried these lunchbox packing hacks, yet?)

Remove Damaged Screw:

Have a screw that is damaged and you can’t get it out. Place a rubber band between the screwdriver and the head of the screw, and it will add a good grip. Then firmly turn the screwdriver to remove the screw.

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  • Dianne Dianne on Nov 09, 2023

    I wrap a rubber band around the top of nail polish bottle for better grip and easier opening.

  • Cheyl Cheyl on May 08, 2024

    I put rubber bands around remote controls, keeps them from slipping off the arm of the chair and when they do, the battery compartment will not pop open and spit out the batteries. (my husband insists on keeping all the remotes on the arm of his recliner),

    I also put two rubber bands around the soap dish to keep the bar of soap from sitting on the bottom of the soap dish.