5 Small Bathroom Organization Ideas to Keep Your Space Tidy

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Keeping a small bathroom neat and orderly has its challenges. The following five small bathroom organization tips are very helpful for our tiny spaces. If you are someone who struggles to keep your space tidy, these small bathroom organization ideas will be helpful information!

Small bathroom organization ideas

1. Reduce inventory

If you’re having trouble keeping your bathroom neat, the likely culprit is that you’re trying to put too much into one small space. Bathrooms are notorious places that collect items that could go elsewhere.

Bathrooms have medications, extra towels, linens, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. People will say their bathroom is messy because it doesn’t have enough storage space.

The more storage space a person has, the more items they will find to fill and overfill it. It’s just human nature. Don’t go out and buy more storage, just take time to see how you could better use the space you already have.

Clear your bathroom of everything and slowly bring back things you need on a daily basis. Doing this will show you exactly what you’re using regularly. You can then find creative places to store the other things that you did not bring back into your bathroom.

Keeping medications outside the bathroom

For example, all of our medications and bandaids are now kept in a central location in our laundry room. That means everyone has access to these items at any given time.

Keeping counters clear in a small bathroom

2. Use counters as working spaces only

This applies to the kitchen, too. We try to keep our counters as clear as possible. The same goes for the bathroom. If the counters are cluttered you can’t use them properly when the time comes. I have the mindset that very few things need to be left out on a bathroom countertop other than soap and a hand towel.

Remember, clutter invites more clutter. If you leave a hair care tool out on the counter because there’s no space or it’s too time-consuming to put away, pretty soon you’ll end up leaving other items on the counter, too. Pretty soon that counter will become another cluttered storage spot.

How to store towels in a small bathroom

3. Keep a minimum of towels in the bathroom

Small bathrooms become overcrowded when there are too many towels and linens stuffed on shelves and on towel bars. Just keep the number of towels in a bathroom that correlates with the number of people using the showering facilities.

If you have a bathroom where one or two people share the shower, you shouldn’t have more than one or two towels per person in the space. Add hooks so everyone has their own hook for their towel. It’s a simple way to keep clutter to a minimum in a bathroom.

Storing bathroom items in drawers

4. Micro-contain things when possible

Drawer storage in a bathroom is prime space compared to cabinet doors with shelves. That’s because bathrooms tend to have smaller items to store and it’s easier to corral them in a drawer. If you don’t have drawers, get some baskets that can serve the same purpose.

Some easy micro-containment examples would be to use a cutlery divider to keep your toothbrushes and toothpaste separated. Use baskets and bins to contain products in a shared space. We keep my little daughter’s hair bands and clips in a small three-drawer container. 

Using hampers in a small bathroom

5. Keep a hamper in the space

Any clothes strewn around on the floor of a space where you’re bathing or showering will add up to a lot of visual clutter. Having that hamper readily available will help corral dirty clothes.

There’s not a lot of space for a hamper but add it discreetly by adding one inside the cabinet that’s easily accessible when I need to grab it to do laundry.

We have two baskets in our master bathroom that we use as hampers. Some people use over-the -door-hampers and others line a drawer and use that as a hamper.

Small bathroom organization

I have a few bonus small bathroom ideas to share with you. Install a large, oversized mirror to help bounce light around to make a small space seem bigger and open. Keep the color palette simple and light so the space doesn’t feel closed in.

Accessorize with one tray and a vase with a single flower. It’s all that’s needed to dress up a small room.

Small bathroom organization

If you have ideas on how to organize a small bathroom, please share them in the comments below.

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  • Gaye Lake Gaye Lake on Mar 16, 2023

    Nice ideas(s)..However, my/our two person home has such a small bathroom, that things like baskets for laundry, just that, would make it look and BE cluttered!! Laundry basket is in our bedroom..I would love to re-hab our bathroom, but there really are many, if any options., We already have bright lighting, if we Ned it, and a big mirror, plus off whir walls with a shower curtain that is off white with dabbles of the colors in our towels..

    I think possibly your small bathroom, or one you consider small, is way bigger than ours..

  • Ms. Tisha Ms. Tisha on Jun 12, 2023

    Yep, ours is sooooo tiny! Can't use these ideas at all. Houses built today aren't like those built in the 50's and 60's. On the other hand, I'm surprised and hate some of the stupid things they do when building a home today because I see them making the same mistakes they made in our 1951 home! Can't believe it...