Storage Solutions for the Bedroom in a Small Home

I am always looking for home storage solutions for the bedroom. Check out my top picks for bedroom clothes storage, bedroom shelving solutions, and more.

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Storage Solutions for the Bedroom

We live in an 1865 farmhouse, and for the most part, I love our home. One thing we are always lacking is storage space. We never seem to have enough room for storing linens or off-season clothes because our closet space is almost non-existent.

Of course, the first step to any organizational project is decluttering. It makes no sense to store clothes that you no longer fit into or that are out of style.

I’ve written about decluttering quite a few times as we worked to eliminate possessions we no longer need. Because we have a small home, we still need a few storage solutions for the bedroom.

Best bedroom clothes storage

We’ve been considering our options for more storage in the bedroom. I’m not too fond of plastic tubs piled in the closet. That makes everything cramped and crowded.

It’s more of an issue in the kids’ bedrooms since they moved back home. What worked well for them as small children doesn’t work well now as adults with significant others.

Here are a few clever storage ideas for small bedrooms. Learn how to design a beautiful reach-in closet with EasyClosets

Under Bed Drawers

We considered investing in new furniture with built-in storage options. Our current bedroom furniture is somewhat dated but not old enough to be considered vintage or antique.

I think bedroom storage furniture would work quite well. However, the kids won’t be here permanently, and I’ll have no need for that much storage once they are on their own again.

Under bed drawers are a great option because they can be moved around as needed.

Clothes Cubes

Clothes cubes can be added to a top shelf in the closet or placed on an existing bookshelf. They are ideal for storing socks, scarves, lingerie, and sheets.

They can be repurposed in other rooms to hold children’s toys, DVDs, video games, or craft supplies.

Wonder Hangar

If you need more room in your closet to hang clothes, you may want to invest in a Wonder Hanger. I was amazed at how much extra room I had in my closet using this.

Another simple option is a hanging rack on the wall that can be used for sweatshirts, scarves, and bags.

Vanity Cart

A vanity cart may be the perfect option if you have a problem organizing perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, and other small items. You can roll the cart where you need it when applying your makeup, then roll it back into the closet or a corner of the room after you’re done.

It’s very easy to use a Raskog for this purpose, and they are very high quality.

What storage solutions do you use in your bedroom to handle all the linens and out-of-season clothes? Is anyone else lacking in storage space like me?

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    The vanity cart is a good idea. I use my suitcases to store my out of season clothes in. That saves on so much closet space.

  • Pamela Cohen Pamela Cohen on Nov 29, 2023

    Great ideas. I have an unused attic that will soon have a couple of planks to store the extras for donation after a garage sale next Spring.

    I met a woman who created a platform for her beds, which stored a lot of extra things. The old drawered water beds used that concept.

    The 1910 728 sq. Ft. House I bought had corner shelves to display pretty plates, vases, etc. And, without enough kitchen cabinet space, an antique Hutch stored dishes and extra pantry items. Decor and storage can be combined, like you’ve done with the suitcase.