Amish Stockpile Haul: What I Bought

I'm excited to share my favorite fantastic items from the Amish market, including meats, dairy products, bulk items, and canned foods.

As someone who dreams of having a small homestead, I find that shopping at the Amish market is a beautiful way to start transforming your kitchen and pantry into a genuine country kitchen.

Let's get right into what I picked up and why I chose these specific items.

Let's start with the cheese. This blend is a high-quality, Amish-made cheese that you won't find at your typical grocery store in terms of taste and freshness.


It features habanero, cayenne, and jalapeno peppers, adding a classic flavor with a spicy kick.

Initially, I used this cheese on platters or in chicken and turkey sandwiches, but now I love adding a few slices to my winter soups — especially potato, squash, or other root vegetable-based soups—for an instant burst of flavor and creaminess.


I also picked up some country bacon cheddar cheese.

We love melting this on our homemade burgers and baked potatoes. Since I like to dehydrate my scalloped potatoes, I add a slice of this bacon cheddar into them for an extra touch of cheesiness and flavor. It's fantastic.


Lastly, I got some pear and apple dessert cheese.

This cheese has a clean, mild, slightly sweet flavor with a honey aftertaste. It's perfect with a glass of chilled white wine, on top of salads, or as a dessert cheese with crackers or a dry tea like English Breakfast or Earl Grey.


Next up, we have buffalo wing cheddar with sweet bologna, and you can't go wrong with this combination.

Whether you're putting together a quick snack plate for unexpected guests, serving it as an appetizer for your Sunday meal, or just enjoying it as a tasty treat, this classic pairing is always a hit.

Turkey bacon

I also picked up about three pounds of turkey bacon, and you can really see the quality here.

I usually break it down into four to six-slice portions, perfect for weekend breakfasts or meals. The Amish turkey bacon is 100% hickory smoked and offers a delicious alternative to regular pork bacon.

It's fully cooked and ready to heat and eat, making it ideal for a quick BLT sandwich, chopped and mixed with eggs for a flavorful morning omelet, or as a tasty side for Sunday brunch.

We love a high-quality Angus burger.


While I'm more of a fan of sliders, my husband loves these patties that come pre-diced with melted cheese.

Bread buns

I also picked up some fresh hamburger buns that we'll pan-sear with butter before adding all the fixings.


Once you've tried hand-rolled Amish butter, it's so hard to go back to anything else.

It's definitely artisanal butter, so I save it for when its unique flavor and high-fat content will really shine. Think homemade pie crusts, shortbread cookies, or simply enjoying it on a fresh slice of sourdough bread.

Popcorn kernels

I also picked up some blue popcorn.

Whole-kernel popcorn is the only kind I buy. You can easily add oil to a pan, pop the kernels, and then add your butter and salt.

I love displaying my home-canned foods, ferments, and pantry staples in glass jars, and the blue jade color of these kernels looks fantastic.

Just so you know, once popped, the color fades, but you'll still have that delicious standard white popcorn taste.


Alright, next up, I picked up some orange marmalade.

This past Thanksgiving, I made duck with an orange marmalade and tarragon sauce, and it was absolutely delicious.

I will definitely add it to my canning inventory, but instead of buying a store-bought option, I wanted a home-style one, so I picked this up.

Chow Chow

I also picked up some Chow Chow.

To keep things interesting, I love picking up a jar or two of something new to see if I like it before making a batch myself. Though I enjoy fermenting my cabbage, I haven't made Chow Chow yet.

This particular one is made with cabbage, vinegar, sugar, onions, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, salt, and spices.

There are many ways to make Chow Chow, but I think this will be excellent on sandwiches or even as a standalone side.

Bread flour

Next up, I got some oxidant bread flour.

We're big fans of homemade sourdough bread around here, so I grabbed some bread flour specifically for my sourdough.

Oxidant flour, often called the all-around bread flour, is versatile for various yeast-raised products and is milled from clean, sound, unbleached hard wheat.

Rice flour

I also picked up some brown rice flour.

While this isn't an Amish product, I appreciate that their stores offer some convenient brands they don't make themselves. This amount will last me quite some time.

Cream of wheat

Alright, next up, we have some Farina, also known as Cream of Wheat.

Buying brandless Farina instead of the commercial Cream of Wheat at the Amish market is a real money-saver.

While various toppings on our weekday oatmeal are fun, sometimes I like to switch it up with a bowl of Cream of Wheat with a bit of butter, sugar, and raisins.

Semolina flour

I also picked up some semolina flour.

I mostly use it as a non-caking agent on my homemade English muffins and pizza crust. Just sprinkle a little around the bottom, and this bag will last me quite a while.

Oyster crackers

Lastly, I grabbed some mini oyster crackers.

These are fantastic on top of soups, which I make a lot of during the fall and winter. They're always so fresh at the Amish market, so I couldn't resist getting some.

Hot chocolate mix and marshmellows

From the bulk food section, I picked up a container of hot chocolate mix.

We only drink hot chocolate on snowy winter days and during Advent, so I don't need too much, making this small bulk package perfect.

Of course, I had to grab some marshmallows. They're fresh, homemade, and will be fun to top on our hot chocolate.

Bay leaves

Next up, I got some bay leaves.

Buying bay leaves from the commercial brands at the grocery store can be pricey, but not at the Amish market. I use these for stocks, soups, and seasoning meats, so this purchase boosted my current inventory.

Chicken rub

I also picked up some chicken rub, and this particular blend is fantastic.

While I enjoy seasoning my food from my bulk herb collection, sometimes it's nice to have a ready-made option. This home blend is balanced and incredibly savory.

Apple cake

Look at this beautiful loaf of apple cake — oh my goodness!

I can't wait to enjoy this with a cup of coffee. There's nothing that beats homemade goodness from a kitchen like this.

I like to keep some of these cakes on hand and stash them in the freezer for impromptu get-togethers or when I invite friends over for tea or dessert. It's a taste of nostalgia and homemade comfort that I love sharing with others.

Amish stockpile haul

Shopping at the Amish market is a great way to add unique items to your pantry. It also helps to support local businesses and traditional skills. Share in the comments below what you love to pick up at the Amish market.

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    Amish potato salad at WalmartCheese curds at their Cheese factory in Conewango, NYCherry and Dutch Apple pies from their homestead bakery stands
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    I love large jars of Amish whole pickled beets and alsoLarge jars of elderberry jam with seeds...yumLove their jars of organic honey, too!