The 10 Best Things to Buy at Sam's Club This Summer

by Simplify

Christine takes us with her on a Sam’s Club shopping spree to reveal some amazing Sam’s Club finds. Buying in bulk is a great way to save money. In addition to bulk items, they have tons of other great products at great prices.

In the clothing department, there are loads of name-brand clothes for fantastic prices. Seven Jeans, Levi’s, and Gap are just a few trusted brands to choose from. Christine from the Frugal Fit Mom picks out a cute summer dress and finds a whole lot of Gap clothing worthy of purchasing.

She picks up a few pairs of Gap shorts for herself and her daughter, as well as some Gap pants and a Gap t-shirt. All the products are high quality but when she tries them on at home, she discovers that the sizes run large. This is a good thing to take note of. Often discounted quality clothing is discounted for things like mismarked sizes. Make sure you don’t remove tags until you try everything on.

Sam’s Club is comparable to Costco and Christine does some evaluating to figure out what to buy where. Costco has more organic, healthier options for food, which elevates the overall prices there. Sam’s Club has better price points. A box of 5 dozen eggs is just $10.62 at Sam’s Club.

Shopping cart

Christine recalls a taste test she did with her family. They compared baked goods from Costco to the Sam’s Club bakery. The whole family agreed the Sam’s Club baked goods were the tastiest.

With well-priced clothes for the whole family Sam’s Club is a great place to freshen up your wardrobe. Between books, food, energy drinks, and clothing, you can find whatever it is you’re looking for. Competitive pricing makes every purchase feel like a real steal.

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