The Best Walmart Foods to Buy That Beat Costco Prices

by Simplify

If you are looking to stockpile food before hyperinflation hits, hang around. The Living On A Dime To Grow Rich YouTube channel has compared Walmart and Costco foods and compiled a Walmart grocery list. Here are the best Walmart foods to buy for your emergency food reserve.

The first products that the YouTuber reviews are peanut butter powder, ground coffee, and spaghetti. Walmart's Great Value brand offers the cheapest options for both. Sugar, flour, and canned tuna also go on our Walmart grocery list, as well as both canola and olive oils.

Diced tomatoes are tricky: those are cheaper per ounce at Costco, but they come in bigger cans. The author suggests getting the smaller cans at Walmart, that way you will not have to worry about refrigerating what is left.

Baking soda is similar: you can get a smaller pack at Walmart or a bigger one at Costco, which is a bit more cost-effective, but less convenient for everyday usage. For cinnamon and Italian seasoning, the YouTuber also suggests getting the smaller bags, as you are not likely to use up an entire 10-ounce package.

The best Walmart foods to buy

When we start building our emergency food reserve, we might immediately jump to the ready-made options. At Walmart, those are priced at around $60-70 and contain 10-15 servings.

The YouTuber advises against buying those, as they usually do not taste good, and canned beans and minute rice are a much cheaper alternative. Instead of ready-made soups, she recommends stocking up on canned soups.

The best Walmart foods to buy

Do you have an emergency food reserve? What would you put in one? Let us know in the comments!

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To see more videos, check out the Living On A Dime To Grow Rich YouTube channel.

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    For emergency supplies, start with water. You'll always need a water reserve! They sell containers that hold 5 gallons, or bricks of water. Look on Amazon for info for water saving containers or 4patriots website for info on food or solar info.

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    Where's the links to your books?