The Best Dollar Tree Food Items to Buy to Save Money

by Simplify

Saving money on groceries used to mean checking out all the local store ads, driving around town, and buying the best-priced goods at several different stores. But nowadays, many smart consumers save a ton of money on their grocery budgets simply by picking up products at Dollar Tree while they’re already there.

Dollar Tree food is comparable to what you’d find at a more traditional grocery store, and Kallie Branciforte is happy to share which items are worth the buy and which items should be skipped.

Say goodbye to food inflation for good. Kallie says the following items make great grocery store swaps when you buy this food from Dollar Tree instead.

Starting in the refrigerated section of the store, Kallie says the price point for frozen fruit and vegetables is great here. These Dollar Tree healthy food items are actually a fraction of the price when compared ounces to ounces with what you’d find at other stores. She also likes their smoothie starter kits here as well.

On the flip side, most items in the baking aisle are not worth the buy. Kallie says that the containers are much smaller at Dollar Tree, and when you compare the price of these products by the ounce, you’ll get a much better deal at Walmart or Aldi. Plus, the oils are typically blends and not pure oils like olive or avocado

Buying spices

Speaking of blends, the spices are a lot cheaper at Dollar Tree because they’re not regulated like some of the more expensive brands so you don’t know how pure or fresh they really are. Because of this, Kallie suggests skipping spices altogether.

But what about healthy Dollar Tree snacks and healthy Dollar Tree meals? Kallie recommends buying Dollar Tree food like freeze-dried fruit, organic canned vegetables, and name-brand soups—but only if you can’t find these products cheaper elsewhere.

Dollar Tree food

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