10 Ways to Beat Food Shortages in 2023

by Simplify

If you’re worried about food shortages, check out some of these grocery shopping secrets. There have been some issues with supply chains that have led to food shortages this year already. Subsequently, it is useful to study up on some hacks to keep yourself ahead of the game.

Ask your local stores when they get their deliveries. On those days, give them an hour or so to stock the shelves and then go shopping. If you’re there when the food items are unloaded, you will have access to everything you need.

When you see it, buy it. If you see something in stock that you know you’re going to need, buy it and freeze it or store it. If there’s no limit on what you can buy, get double the amount you need. If they limit the amount you can buy per transaction, just go back a bunch of times.

You won’t always be able to get the items you want on sale, so sometimes you just have to pay a bit more. Your best chance at getting what you need at discounted prices is to go as early as you can on sale days. Ask your supermarket which days they put items on sale.

Empty grocery store shelves

There are so many great secrets to help you get what you need. Buy as much as you can in order of importance. Ask supermarket workers to check the stockroom if the food is not on the shelves. Go to more than one store. Keep checking back at stores to see if they’re restocked.

10 Ways to beat food shortages in 2023

If you’re worried about food shortages, use these tips to make sure you have everything you need.

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  • Doris Doris on Mar 28, 2023

    It's more like hoarding than stocking when you tell people to keep going back to buy moire. Shelves will be empty if everyone keeps going back, and some will be left out.