How to Eat Better And Save Money

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by Cha Ching Queen

For many people eating healthy is a goal. Eating better has many benefits, whether you’re trying to watch your weight, want to feel better, or be mindful of your overall health.

How To Save Money On Healthy Foods

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk is your best option for saving money. It’s an initial investment, but the more significant the package, the less money it’ll cost. Going to a dollar store that sells you smaller packages may cost you big time in the long run.

For example, a smaller package of cheese may cost less than cheese in bulk, but it would cost more if you bought enough smaller boxes to have the same amount as the one in size.

Shops like Sam’s Club and Costco are the kings of buying in bulk, but if you don’t have that, many  grocery stores or online shops do have that bulk option.

You can  reduce food waste when you buy in bulk by following these  kitchen hacks.

Buy Some Appliances That Make It Easy.

This is another investment that ends up paying off. Buying a slow cooker,  Instant Pot, or other appliance may initially cost you, but this will benefit you immensely the more you think about it.

It’s easy to put healthy foods in them and cook them throughout the day, saving you time.

If you feel beat, you’ll avoid ordering food or going to a fast food place and instead eat some yummy foods at home.

Buy Everything In Season

When you want more fruits and veggies, research and see what’s in season. Buying it in-season instead of off-season can cost you much less. Plus, you can rotate what you eat throughout the year, giving you some well-needed variety.

Avoid Those TV Dinners

Buying a prepackaged meal may make you think you’re eating less while saving money. Sure, it may cost less than eating, but it’s still processed and of lower quality. Instead of TV dinners, try planning and preparing your meals beforehand.

They’ll taste better, and you’ll save money. Plus, they’re much healthier.

Avoid Triggers

Many of us try to avoid eating fast food or splurging on a nice dinner, but there are times when you can’t resist the urge. Sometimes, this may be due to specific triggers. For example, if you’re depressed, you may want to get some ice cream.

Or, if you’re thinking about a particular memory involving food, you may want to get that food.

Whenever you lose control and spend more than you should on unhealthy foods, it’s crucial to write down what is happening in your head. By keeping track of this, you can figure out your triggers and learn how to avoid them.

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Look For Deals

Your smartphone can be the gateway to savings. You can save lots of money on groceries through the latest coupons and other deals. Some coupons may not save you that much, but they add up.

Nothing Wrong With The Store Brand

Brand loyalty and going for the name brands are out of style. Many store brands are just as good as the name brand and can cost you much less.


Having variety in your household can prevent you from getting food somewhere else. For example, you can read up on a cookbook and write down some foods you want to try. You may have to buy some ingredients, but you’ll have more food to cook once you do so.

In the end, eating better is a process that can save  you money in the long run.

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